I was 19, and I knew what I was. I’d already got 1000s of dirty mags, and seeing girls go-go dance on telly made me cum in my pants. My evenings are spent hanging out my window wanking on the girls going by. It doesn’t occur to me as we enter this club that I’m taking a very big risk.

It’s a firm’s do, some bloke is leaving so everyone’s going to this club place, and I tag along, I haven’t been with this company long so I feel it would be unwise to refuse. It was unwise to agree to go. Inside there’s a couple of bars, a casino, and a stage. There’s a comedian, several it turns out, a compere who looks and sounds like a gameshow host, and……dancing girls. Everywhere the waitresses are in short skirts.

I’m just terrified to look anywhere, I’m completely unprepared for this, I don’t even have a jacket and I know if I look at one of the lovely girls, waitressing or on stage, I’m going to get an erection and be the laughing stock of my work colleagues. How I regret my decision to come and already I’ve resolved never to go out with anyone ever again. But I still have to get out of this situation.

One of the other blokes who works in the stores starts a conversation about some product or other, and I sort of engage, keeping my eyes off anything that moves. He gets bored or something, but anyway turns to talk to someone else, and I hold my pint, looking at the floor. Everyone around our table is now chatting away, no-one seems to be looking at the stage, and there’s people singing songs and stuff, then the compare announces ‘the lovely, voluptuous Vicky, who’s going to dance for us’.

There’s something in the way he introduces Her that makes me look up, to see this Goddess walk onto the stage. I’m 19, a wanker, and I’ve only seen girls in my mags, apart from a few lucky flashes now and again. I’ve never seen a girl in a bikini for real and Miss Vicky is wearing what I know now to be a dancer’s bikini with tassels and frills, and a big scarf d****d over Her shoulders which only occasionally reveals Her bikini.

It’s a very long time ago and much of what happened is a blur, but as I’ve told the story before and dream about it to this day, I remember the salient details like it was yesterday – at least I think so. The first few minutes watching Her it was like I was oblivious to anything else – not only is She a Goddess, and wearing less than I’ve ever seen, but She is going to dance too. So I’m in a trance, that’s for sure, unable to believe what’s about to happen, like it’s an out of body experience.

Without thinking, I get my knob upright in my underpants, freeing it from the constraints of the material. I’m dizzy as I watch Her move, aware of this growing sensation in the tip of my penis. I don’t know what’s going to happen but I sure as hell didn’t want to cum in my pants with all the blokes from work there, but I’m unable to stop looking at Her. It’s like the tip of my knob is burning, and I’ve never felt that before. Obviously I’m not touching it and I’m trying not to get too excited because I know at the back of my mind I’m on a works outing, and getting up to any perviness was definitely NOT on the agenda.