It’s not as if some of Miss Danica’s fans didn’t meet Her. Those who were able to travel to wherever Her amateur photos-sessions were held – Aunty Jayne’s ‘photo seminars’ – would have seen Her pose, taken photos for their own ‘personal use’ – and, oh yes, she knew what that was alright – talked to Her etc. Top Ten Pants-Spunks - Miss Danica
I’d gaze longingly at the photos of those sessions but I could only press my nose up against the window, so to speak. Attending for me wasn’t an option, much though it would have been a dream cum true. Imagine you’re at one of those sessions and I turn up in my mac – it’s a boiling hot day – looking every inch the perv.

“Why’s that pervy-looking git got his mac on, it’s sweltering in here” some of the other photogs are saying.
“Can you take it off please,” Aunty Jayne asks, and as I unzip my erection is clearly in view, and no-one’s even started posing yet.

Later the posing starts and I’m instantly mesmerised, my erection bobbing up and down in my damp pants. That might have been one situation where I was desperately trying to hold it, but of course everyone would see as I start to shudder and pump a big wet patch into the front of my trousers. So it was never going to happen.

I didn’t know at the time but Miss Danica – Miss Donna as She was then – did lots of private photo sessions, and did that for years. For me, it was seeing Her in Escort magazine that first time, being totally knocked out and doing the first of 100s of pants-spunks looking at Her, sitting in my van somewhere in London. That first pants-spunk could easily be a Top Ten too.

In that time She made me cum in my pants looking at Her photos, and later Her VHS videos, more than any other girl (in the magazine era). I stopped buying mags in the 90s because they got just too explicit for me, and fortunately the Internet came along. I assumed She’d retired before then, as so many of the girls I worshipped from that time had. Then I found Her on the Beautiful Britons site, though I thought it couldn’t be Her, She looked too young.

It was Her of course, as Miss Dee, and more beautiful than ever. I’d never stopped worshipping Her, and still regularly soiled Her photos at the end of a home worship session. All the time I was worshipping, I dreamed of letting girls know what I did in my pants and to their photos, but never once remotely thought that could ever happen.

I downloaded 1000s of Her photos, and then found Her on Southern Charms when She had Her page there. The beauty of SC is that you can email the girls, and when I did that, quite a few replied, several of whom I worshipped remotely, like Miss Christina UK, who I corresponded with for years, sending Her pervy worship sheets and lots more.