I had just graduated from high school and turned 18 at almost the same time. I never really knew my dad and to say my mom and I were close, would be stretching the truth a lot, so it was no surprise to me, when one Wednesday, towards the end of May, mom sat down with me at breakfast, explaining that now I was eighteen, she expected me to get a job and start to pay rent if I was going to remain with her.

Opening my lap top, beginning to search for jobs in our area, jobs that would pay enough to put away some savings and still be able to pay her the rent that was due the end of June for the month.

There were a lot of construction jobs available and they paid good wages. I had filled out a resume, so I sent several requests in, attaching my work experience, along with my competitive sports experience, figuring if they saw I was a started running back on our HS football team, it would answer any questions about whether I could handle the physical requirements for the job.

By Thursday morning, I had several interviews set up, but just as I was sending back confirmations for interviews, a small ad caught my eye. It was a girls ranch, that needed a hired hand to work the fields, taking care of the heavy duties a full time ranch requires – Room and board were included and the salary was more than competitive but would depend on an on phone interview. A resume and picture were required.

Thinking this could be just what I was looking for, I sent my HS graduation pic alone with my resume.

I had two interviews lined up on Friday morning, telling mom I was on my way to do some interviews, she seemed so anxious to get me out of the house.

Both of them went well and both told me they would call this evening and let me know. When I got home, a return reply from the ranch was waiting in my in-box, requesting a call back as soon as I could.

Calling back, a sexy sounding voice answered, “Hi I was asked to call back, this is Eric and I sent in a resume for a job you posted. I was to ask for Jennifer”

“Eric this is Jennifer and thank you for calling back. Did anyone ever tell you, you’re way to cute to be a boy?”

I laughed, “Yes many times, but I assure you Miss Jennifer that I am strong and can handle the work required. I mentioned that my grandparents had a ranch and I have worked for them a couple of summers, but they are getting along in age, so they have the ranch up for sale”

She asked me if I had a Zoom account, I did so the interview was almost like in person. She was absolutely beautiful. An olive complexion, dark brunette hair, that was long hanging down to her shoulders and tits like I’d never seen before. From what I could tell, not only huge, but proud and firm, it was obvious no bra was being worn if ever and every now and then a sneak peek at two, larger then normal, nipples.