Toys for Twats - Chapt I of IV

I need to start by saying that I let my wife Tina set up my itinerary for Santa this year and she has not always been good about telling me what I was getting into. So when I saw “Emily’s Party 6:00-10:00 pm” on Thursday I just figured she had screwed up the time or something else, because k**s do not go to see Santa at 10:00 pm two weeks before Christmas when school is still in session. But when I asked her before leaving for work that morning she just smiled and assured me she had it all under control.

So that evening, I hustled home from work, took a quick shower and put on the red suit, wig and beard and asked Tina why she was not dressing up as Mrs. Claus. She said I was the entertainment and when I asked if that meant I got all of the payment for the gig, she said yes, so I was not about to argue. When she came out in a very short dress that was cut low and hugged her body, I have to confess I was ready to say forget the gig, let’s just stay home! I mean, she had on gartered hosiery and makeup and the whole 9 yards. Again, this should have tipped me off, but….

So we pull up to Emily’s house and Tina parks the car in the grass at the back of the house. Strange. She said she was making room for all of the people that were coming. We walk into the basement family room and there’s a banner greeting us saying “Merry Fucking Christmas to All My Naughty Girls!!!” and there is a cartoon dick at either end of the banner and smaller pictures of dicks all throughout the words… I am just staring at the sign as Tina and Emily share a quick hug and start chitting and chattering about how much fun it is going to be and who all was going to make it and how fun the whole night was going to be….

“So what am I doing here?” I finally ask.

Emily prances over to me and puts her wrists on my shoulders and looks up at me with this silly smile and says, “Don’t you know? You are the entertainment!!! Every naughty girl likes sitting on Santa’s … knee at Christmas!” I look down at Emily’s coal black eyes and they are just lit up with excitement. I start to look over at my wife and Emily grabs my chin and turns me to look back at her. “Tonight, you are Santa Claus and she is NOT Mrs. Claus. I am throwing a party for the girls in my network of adult toys retailers and all of the women will get to sit on your lap. They won’t know who you are and if you are a good boy, you get to keep all of the tips you get!!!” She then pulled her thin body against mine and rubbed herself generously against my crotch before saying. “I for one am really looking forward to sitting on you and making your Christmas season bright!”