Toys for Twats - Chapt IV of IV
If you just stumbled across this story, search for the other three parts and please read them first. It had been a very eventful evening by the time that you get to this part and to be honest, it explains why I … well, go read the other three parts in order and THEN you will enjoy this a lot more!!!


My wife walked over to me. The thigh-high boots must have made her at least four inches taller and she was almost as tall as I am. She did not say a thing and I was too stunned and exhausted! She stared me in the eye and there was a lustful fire in them that I have not seen for a very long time. I did not have to reach between her legs to know that she was soaking wet, and her nipples were hard and pointing at me like they were prepared to cut through a glass door!!

“How many times have you already cum tonight? I hope you at least saved some of your baby batter for your wife. She leaned up into me and put a hand at the back of my head. The hand she put on my hip slid to my resting, tired cock and gave it a few playful squeezes. I moaned into her mouth and her tongue chased the echoes of my passion all over my mouth. She was a volcano! She pressed her body up against mine as I ran my hands over her generous hips and cupped her ass in my hands.

I felt other hands on the shoulders of my Santa jacket. Emily had walked around behind me in her dominatrix outfit. She relieved me of my jacket and then sank down in a squat behind me. I was kissing the side of Tina’s neck when I felt Emily begin pulling my underwear down. My wife pushed the band down in front and then I felt them rolling down my thighs. Tina now reached lower and rolled my balls in her fingers like a couple of dice at a craps table.

I yelped as Emily nipped at my ass! She laughed and then slapped both of her hands hard against my bottom, pushing me into Tina. They both laughed as I started to turn and ask what was going on now?

“It’s okay, Bryan. We just want to reward you for all that you did tonight to make it a big success.” My wife had her hands on my shoulders and her forearms on my chest. She was smiling at me with a little mischief playing around the corners of her eyes and I there was much more to this than I could guess. But I had also had a thing for Emily since I first met her years ago and my wife knew that one of my biggest fantasies was to either watch her in a lesbian tryst or have a three-way with her and another woman. I relaxed and let her lead me over to the coffee table.