Once everyone was up and ready to go they all piled into the SUV and drove to the lakeside village just south of the cabin. John and Chris got dropped off at the marina to get the boat and do some fishing. The girls were going to do some shopping in town and grab lunch at the coffee shop. They would meet up again around three at the marina.

“What time is it,” Nicole asked Tracy.
Tracy was staring at her phone and didn’t look up as she replied, “Five after three.”
They were sitting in the marina parking lot waiting for John and Chris. Nicole was people watching while Tracy texted and Cassie played a game on her phone. They had had a good day together exploring the small shops in the village. After lunch they had done some grocery shopping for dinner tonight and drove back to the cabin to drop off the food.
“I see them,” Nicole said pointing at the marina entrance.
Tracy looked up from her phone. “I don’t see any fish. Good thing we bought hamburgers.”
“I told Chris if he caught anything he had to put it back,” Cassie said, “He better not have one.”
Chris ran to the SUV and jumped in the backseat. “I got to drive the boat,” he bragged to Cassie.
“Kill any fish you heathen?” She shot back.
“No. To many assholes on jet-skies,” John answered for him as he loaded their fishing gear in the back, “We gave up after about an hour. Toured the lake and taught Chris how to drive the boat for the rest of the afternoon.”
“We went around the whole lake,” Chris added.
As John wedged himself in the backseat behind Tracy he said to her, “Oh don’t mind me, I’ll sit in back.”
“Okay,” she answered. “Got enough leg room?”
“If I was two feet shorter. I could use a couple inched if you can spare it.”
“No problem.”
They drove back to the cabin as Chris went over the events of their day in detail.

When they sat down for dinner that evening John and Nicole talked with Tracy and the twins about why they had gotten together this weekend. How things were getting serious between the two of them and before they began to explore the next step in their relationship they wanted to let everybody meet and get to know each other. They also revealed to Chris and Cassie that John and Tracy had a similar, more intimate relationship, like the one they had with their mother.
John was surprised at how easy the talk was, and how cool the twins were with it. He had built this discussion up some much in his mind over the past few weeks he expected more questions and maybe some tough moments but it was a simple conversation.
When they were done the table was cleared and they all moved outside. The twins wanted to roast marshmallows for dessert.
They gathered around the fire pit on the beach and enjoyed their marshmallows. They did a little star gazing because they could see so many more out here away from the lights of the city. Eventually the twins decided that everyone should go back inside and watch a movie. Nicole said she would start some popcorn.
“What are we going to watch?” John asked the twins.
“I don’t know yet,” Cassie answered.
“Who said you get to pick?” Chris wanted to know.
“I said,” Cassie replied “You picked last time.”
The twins hurried ahead inside.