Trailer park buddies gone wild.
The best friends, Mike and Alex, walked back to their trailer park from the bus stop together. Nothing unusual there. They lived on the opposite side of the same trailer park and had practically grown up together. The best bud’s enjoyed each other’s company like brothers. But somehow Alex knew something was up with his best friend. Mike, a very tough mother fucker, had invited Alex to spend the rest of the day with him in their trailer. His parents weren’t at home, and Mike could use Alex’s help with ‘some homework’. Mike had an almighty dirty grin on his face when he told that to Alex. But as usual, Alex was a little slow to catch on.

“Man Mike, I really need to get home and take a shower first…”, said Alex all sweaty from the last period gym class the guys took at highschool. They had not wanted to miss the last school bus. So they didn’t shower at school.

“Fuck Alex, our trailer has a shower too, you know… And I’d love to take a shower with you…”, whispered Mike a little hot and bothered to Alex.

“Are you serious? Mike, I’m not gay…”, answered Alex while pushing Mike away.

“Me neither, it’s just fun between friends. You know, like with Isabella and Marie. They fucked the crap out of each other too. The girls said they have fun together, remember?”

“Sure, but they are girls, it’s not the same.”

“Yes, it is, bro!… Come on… no one will need to know. I promise!… Come on, let’s go in the shower, you can stroke me, and I will jerk you off too.”

Alex did not believe he was hearing this right. His best friend just invited him to jerk off together. Did Mike really want to have some ‘bro fun’ with him? The thought of finally seeing the stud nude intrigued and frightened Alex at the same time.

“Why are you scared, Alex?… Fuck, we have been friends like forever!… And it’s not like you have something I haven’t seen before… I just need a little helping hand from a friend, bro!”, said Mike pushing Alex’s hand over the big cock bulging in his sweatpants.

Looking down at his hand, Alex noticed that Mike was much bigger than his own 6-inch boy toy. Alex was amazed that he even contemplated getting naked. Let alone wanting to stroke the dick of another man.
Alex was feeling shy and bashful. And certainly a lesser man than his buddy.

“We can’t do this, Mike… What if someone finds out?”

“Yes, we can. We are friends, aren’t we?… It is ok, bro… You’re way too shy, it’s really ok… Nobody will ever know about this.”, grinned Mike horny.

Mike started to undress. His own t-shirt went, and then he helped to remove Alex’s top. Their pants followed.

“Mike…? I am not sure about this.”, said Alex, worried.

“Don’t worry, Alex. It is ok… Really it is… Just let it happen, buddy.”