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When I married Anna at the age of 24, I thought I had shaken off my interracial addiction and had no intention of sharing the love of my beautiful white wife with anyone. The briefest mention my wife made about the flirtations of a black man she once knew caused my interracial addiction to come roaring back. I was soon collecting interracial pornography again and sure enough I was caught by my wife. I confessed to my wife my passion for interracial sex and then got her involved in it. We spent many nights holding each other in bed watching videos of black men with big cocks have amazing sex with gorgeous white women. Our sex life soared but we inevitably started fantasizing and role playing of interracial sex too much. Talking about black men fucking white women became talk about black men fucking my Anna. I loved it and she loved it. We found ourselves moving farther and farther down a path that would have me standing close by while a black man made love to my wife.

It seemed fitting that the very black man whose flirting my wife mentioned that started the return of my interracial addiction would be the one Anna picked as her lover. His name was Antwan and my wife Anna wanted him. She spoke openly of her desire for his black cock. She dreamed about him. She pined after him. She cried his name while we made love. With my encouragement Anna called Antwan and that began the process of his taking my place in bed with my wife. Everything about this gave me intense sexual gratification. It made me happy to see Anna going around the house with her phone talking to Antwan. I enjoyed hearing Anna in bed talking about all the things she liked about Antwan and how much she wanted to sleep with him. It drove me wild to hear my wife calling Antwan cute names and blowing him kisses over the phone.

It had been my plan to allow my wife lots of time for her to communicate with Antwan before their first meeting. For one thing I wanted to make sure Antwan was the right choice and that my wife was willing to go through opening up our marriage. After weeks of delicious anticipation my wife was hot and ready for Antwan and nothing I could do would probably stop her from consummating their relationship. The first meeting was also delayed long enough to coincide with the wedding anniversary of me and my wife. It was a indication of how deep my interracial addiction ran. Anna and Antwan were to meet together for the first time since my wife called him on our wedding anniversary. At first my wife could not understand why.