First about myself I’m a very busy man due to my high paying job. Yes I make millions and travel the whole world got cars and a big mansion house with pools,home cinema,arcade room,etc the whole thing. Also have a very beautiful wife as you can see. She’s home alone a lot. Mostly just see and talk to her through video chat when I’m away at work. My queen is spoiled like I mean spoiled. I pay for absolutely everything she wants clothes,shoes,day at the beauty salon and spa,jewelry and all the vacations she wants. But yet she gets lonely with all my wealth and big mansion. Yet with with having all that she still goes to a planet fitness gym even though my mansion has a gym! We’ve talked about but she told me “its missing one thing and I said “what?!” Then she said “all the attention from other men in the gym” I got mad. But then we talked about it a little more and I cooled off and tought about it if I was going I would like to see women with fat asses and tits. So I apologized to my queen. So after a few month of her going to the gym she made a friend,prince. I was super jealous the day she came home and told me about him and how it all started. Kinda blew her off and noticed I didn’t want to hear about it. So a few days pass and I get back from a trip and come back home. But before I got there my wife told she was going to the gym and I was like okay. So when I open my front door I see a black dude in my living room. I was confused. Then my wife come from the kitchen with drinks for her and him. I’m like “sweety who is this?” And responds “this is prince my gym buddy I told you about” I was mind blown !! Soon as my wife finishes saying that he stands up tall and strong and says “hello” and shakes my hand. I was mad and went to the master bedroom to get settled in. They knew I was upset as well but didn’t care and continued their conversation sitting next to each other like super close. That night I told my wife in bed I did not want that guy in my house she replied “what the hell?! This is my house too we’re married!” So then we got into an argument and she sent me to sleep in the guest room. So I got my pillow and blanket moved along. Few minutes later I gear my wife talking to someone on the phone and guess who it is,prince. She’s telling him how I always yell and get mad at her. Disagree with everything and I’m super jealous. The conversation kept going and going until I eventually pass out. Next day I wake up and ready to apologize. So I walk down to my kitchen and see my wife wearing super tight spandex and a sports bra tight against her breasts. But I hear her talking to someone im like “who could it be? One of her girlfriends came over this early?” But I was in for a surprise it was yet again prince! She was making him breakfast and protein shake so they can go to the gym after. I couldn’t believe what was happening. I’m like “SWEETY WHAT IS HE DOING HERE!?” she replied “first of all I thought you were ready to apologize?” I’m just looking at her super angry while she pours his shake into a cup smiling at him and he smiling at her back. Then he says “woah woah why are you screaming at such a beautiful gorgeous queen you have as a wife?” My wife replies “awww you’re so sweet and care for me” while she goes over the counter to hug him and stand in front of him. She says “let’s go to the gym prince while he reflects on his mistakes and the way he treats me” I stand there furiously while they leave my wife leading holding his hand. I see them through the window leaving In my rolls royce that she lets him drive! Unbelievable!