This is a continuation of the previous story:

On Saturday morning, Jasmin remembered she had her follow-up appointment with Richard the hypnotist. She wasn’t sure why but the appointment last week was a pleasant experience that she looked forward to repeating. Maybe it was just because she found Richard attractive. Whatever the reason, she dressed a little sexier than what she normally would, nothing outrageous, just a lower cut top to show off her cleavage and some hotpants and heels to highlight her nice butt (picture at the end). It was a nice warm summer day as Jasmin drive back to Richard’s office.

When Jasmin arrived at Richard’s office she did not have to wait as Richard was sitting at the receptionist desk. Richard greeted her enthusiastically and invited her back into his office. They talked for a few minutes, Richard asking her if she had smoked any cigarettes since their first session. She hadn’t. “Are you ready for the next session then?” Richard asked. Jasmin said she was, so Richard had her relax and watch the wheel he spun in his hand, focusing on only the spinning wheel. Richard guided her into a deep relaxed state with his emotionless voice. He described to Jasmin the stairs she was going down as he took her deeper and deeper until she was once again his.

Richard said in his deep monotone voice, “Jasmin, you will no longer have any desire to smoke a cigarette. When someone offers one to you, you will politely decline and tell them you don’t smoke. Do you understand?” Jasmin did understand and answered so with a flat voice and an empty look in her eyes.

Richard then gave Jasmin some more instructions, “Jasmin, stand up, take off your heels, your hot pants, and your top and place them neatly folded on the desk. She did exactly as she was told, now standing in front of Richard in only her bra and pantyhose. Richard got his camera out of his desk and began taking pictures of Jasmin. “Slip one bra strap off your shoulder and pull the cup down to expose your breast”, he instructed her. As she did, Richard took more pictures, capturing her exposing her breast to him. “Now do the same with the other side, leaving your bra under your breasts to support them but not covering them.” Richard continued to snap pictures as Jasmin exposed her other breast.

“Now, I want you to slide your right hand inside your pantyhose and play with your clitoris as you use your other hand to pinch and pull on one of your nipples.” Jasmin would have been horrified to be doing this in front of anyone if she had known what she was doing, but the faraway look in her eyes made it clear she had no control over her actions. Richard could do anything he wanted with her and she would be completely obedient. Richard set his camera on the desk and got back to the drawer and took out a video camera and began taking a video of Jasmin with one hand in her pantyhose, obviously playing with her pussy, whilst the other hand worked on her nipple.