This was a story written by a friend of mine. I really enjoyed it when I first read it. I hope you like it to:

Jasmin had smoked a cigarette again tonight after having had a few drinks with her friends. She only smoked one in maybe a month but she detested smoking. At times she just couldn’t stop herself. As soon as she lit up she regretted it and told one of the friends she was drinking with. Her friend gave her a card of a hypnotist that she had used to stop smoking and told Jasmin that he had been able to help her. Jasmin asked her what it was like and whether she wasn’t concerned about being hypnotized and having some guy being able to tell her what to do. Jasmin’s friend said she felt comfortable with him hypnotizing her and that she was able to remember everything that happened. The next day on her lunch break, Jasmin called and made an appointment for the coming Saturday afternoon to have her first session with the hypnotist.

On Saturday when it was about time for her appointment, Jasmin got in her car and drove to the hypnotist’s office. She found a parking spot nearby, parked, and went inside. There was a small waiting room with a receptionist desk, but nobody was there. As she was beginning to wonder if she was in the right place, a door opened and a rather large man walked out with a younger, attractive looking man following him. Remembering that the sign she had seen outside said the hypnotist could also help with losing weight, she quickly determined the overweight man was the patient of the younger and more attractive man. They parted, the patient left through the front door and then the hypnotist came over to where Jasmin was sitting and introduced himself as he reached out to shake Jasmin’s hand. “Hello,” he said with a smile, “I am Richard and you must be Jasmin.” His charm was unmistakable and Jasmin already started to feel relaxed and comfortable around him. “Yes, Jasmin Jennifer, to be precise.” she answered, smiling back at him. “Please come back and lets talk for a few minutes” Richard said as he led Jasmin back to his office.

Richard asked Jasmin how she had come to learn of him, why she was here and whether she had been hypnotized before. She explained that she hardly ever smoked but that she absolutely hated doing it, that she had never been hypnotized before, and that he had helped a friend of hers stop smoking. With the little amount that Jasmin smoked, Richard was sure he would be able to stop it completely with just a couple of sessions. He had her sign some release forms while he explained that when he hypnotized her it would be only very lightly, that it was nothing like she might have heard, and that she would remember everything that they said and did whilst she was hypnotized. Jasmin’s friend had said she would remember everything also so she has very comfortable with Richard hypnotizing her.