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The Nerdy White Guys Discover Anal Play

This is True story my mate shared with me, i thought it was a hot true experience that needs to shared. It seems the gay anal life has many ways of entering ones mind.

This story starts off with my mate lets call him Tyler for discreet reasons.

Tyler was a shy and quiet boy standing 5 foot 4 with brown shaggy hair. He was in grade 12 senior year, he was weeks away from graduating. Tyler was never the popular type, most people did not care to acknowledge him, in fact he spent most of his teenage years alone in his room on the internet charging with like minded lonely guys feeling insecure about his looks, his body and his character. He never had a girlfriend before or even kisses a women becuase he was seen as less masculine then the other men. He went online with his other lonely mates chatted in a Incel chat room talking about how they felt towards rejection and having no sexual excitement in life.

The more Tyler learned on the internet he started to understand he was born inferior and undesirable to the female specimen. He seen his jaw was soft and hairless and only his arms and body had bodyhair. After experiencing online all the Porn that showed large cocked alpha males especially Big Black men he started to understand nature, He looked at his short stature and seen his cock was small just barley 5 inches.

The cold reality started to hit Tyler. He vented out his frustrations on the chat forums on deep web. He also had a small group of lonely friends from his high school that nobody ever cared to remember. His closest friend rob understoond him and they chatted togther daily on the chat forum. Tyler and his friends were just your local quiet nerdy computer geeks.

Now in this day of age the 20th century is filled with lots of white males who find themselves surfing online feeling unworthy and insecure to the world around them. They spend years trying to understand the nature of sexual selection and why Females choose stronger bigger men regardless of personality.

Females presented themselves as desirable no matter there size or position. It was easy for a nerdy girl to get laid, but from some reason there was a whole breed of unsatisfied confused men who lived were virgins until there adulthood who looked for satisfaction but always turned away. In the 20th century alot of guys surfed the online world for answers. Why did 10 girls like 1 muscular confident male and 10 guys like 1 avarage girl? They realized they were living in a imbalanced world.

The story might sound dark but there was light at the end of the tunnel for alot of men.
Tyler became curious about Gay sex becuase it was something easy to get and male to male share a common understanding and sex drive. He watched some gay anal porn and he seen the way bottoms loved getting pounded until there prostate cummed all over. Tyler never learned about the male prostate becuase his parents told him gay sex is wrong, he began to study the male body and homosexual pleasures. Tyler was astonished to what he discovered, why didn’t anyone tell men that they dont need women and pussy to be truly satisfied.