I just recently recalled a chunk of my c***dhood that my brain had suppressed for quite a few years. Isn’t it funny how your brain can store something until you have the ability to process it. Not that I feel broken or that these events that I’m now starting to think about changed the course of my life, then again, it may have. It’s 2020 now, and I’m a 42 year old man, married, with a c***d leading a normal life. I have a good job, a decent house, and good friends. So I’m just a normal guy right? I think so. But I leave you to make your own opinion.
My mother and father had gotten divorced when I was two. It was just mom and I until she met a man when I was five. Then, a few years later, they got married and he became my step dad. Now I won’t tell how old I was, but the movie “Back to the future II” had just left the theaters.
They had a small wedding in my grandparents house and then they were off to the Bahamas for their honeymoon. I got left with our next door neighbor. She was an average looking woman, divorced, and had a son who was two years older than me. It wasn’t so bad. He was a cool k** who excepted right away when we had moved there a few years back. I had never had a sleepover with him before, but it was bound to be cool.
When they dropped me off, we went outside and hung out in the woods around our tree fort for the whole day. By the time we came back at supper we were filthy. We had been running through the woods and bushes and climbing trees and even got a bit muddy. I will take moment here to say I am not looking to implicate anyone, so I will just refer to his mom as Mrs. L and my friend will be called S.
Mrs. L told us both that we would not be eating at her table looking like pigs. She escorted us both up to the bathroom. She told us both to strip our clothes off as she began filling the bathtub. Being young both he and I did as we were told. On another side note, at this point, I had been bathing myself for a while. At any rate, she instructed us both to get in the bathtub together so that dinner wouldn’t be stone cold by the time we were clean. We both sat down and she began pouring water on us using a pitcher. Then she began washing our hair with shampoo. Then rinsed our hair with more water from the pitcher.
She was alternating between S and I using a bar of soap and a face cloth. I felt like I was at the car wash. It wasn’t until she had rinsed our top halves and then told us to stand up that it got really weird. We stood up and she washed our legs fast, then had us face the wall away from her. She wasted no time washing S’s butt cheeks, but then it was my turn. She washed my butt cheeks with the bar of soap vigorously making a good lather then she put the soap down and used her hand to wash deep in my butt crack. I turned my head slightly towards S and saw Mrs. L was washing his butt the same. Then I felt her finger penetrate my anus momentarily then back out. This happened like ten times each a little deeper than the last until she had most of her middle finger up my butt. I again looked over and S was receiving the same treatment. After about twenty full penetration strokes, she extracted her fingers from us and told us to face each other. We both turned, and I was glad to see he was red in the face with embarrassment like me. She said nothing, just began lathering up my penis. Then S got the same. Then she put the soap down and grasped us both and began stroking us simultaneously.
She then spoke, ” you boy’s never wash your privates properly! ”
Now, as I am adult I know it only takes about thirty seconds to wash a full sized penis and testicles . Mrs. L was definitely very thorough as she spent no less than three minutes washing our penis and testicles. Then the phone rang. She stopped and said; ” here, you keep washing. I will be right back. ” She grabbed my hand as she said this, and placed it on S’s penis and his hand on mine. Both of us were shocked, and just stood there holding each others phallus.
She turned and shouted as she went out the door, “I said wash!” We both began slowly stroking each other. I couldn’t look at him, and was glad out of the corner of my eye, he was looking at the wall. Mrs. L came back a moment later and announced.
” Your clean! Now sit down and rinse off. ” S and I sat down and rinse off. Then we got up and climbed out on to the bath mat. Mrs. L handed each of us a towel and told us to dry off then go to S’s room and get dressed. We did as we were told and came down to dinner.
It was a very sullen affair. Neither S nor I would look up at each other. Pretty much the whole evening was like that. Mrs. L sent us to bed around nine. She tucked us in, said good night and shut the door. We lay their in silence. He was on the top bunk and I on the bottom. It took a while but I finally fell asleep.
The next morning S shook me awake around seven and he was sitting on my mattress. ” Lets go get breakfast. ” He smiled and got up to get dressed. It was like nothing had happened. We had fun playing and like the previous day we got dirty. Again when we got home Mrs. L made us go upstairs and take a bath. Just like before she paid particular attention to our butts then our penises.
This time though she turned us to face her and said, ” now I showed you how to wash each other yesterday, so do it now. ”
S and I both hesitated, but slowly began washing each other. Again were both embarrassed. And to make it worse the stimulation of it all was making us get a little hard. Mrs. L walked over to the toilet, hitched up her dress, pulled her panties down exposing a massive bush and sat down to pee.