This planet had the most bazaar method of greeting we’d ever seen. And it was a completely hedonistic society.
UtopiaThe year was 2520 and the Federation was on over 800 planets and still spreading out. We were just one of over fifty male/female pairs whose mission it was to travel to our assigned planets and get to know their societies, their forms of government, etc. Our mission was necessary because the Federation only located inhabited planets, logged them as such, then sent us to make contact and study and catalog them.
My partner, Amanda, and I had cataloged seven planets so far on this mission. They were all more or less pre-industrial societies and were always overwhelmed when we landed our spacecraft outside their largest cities. We’d spent two to three weeks living with and studying them, then leave for the next planet. Ours was a two-year mission and we had a lot of planets to study and catalog.
Planet number eight on our list was assigned the temporary name Utopia and was more developed. They had a fledgling space program with a few satellites in orbit but had not explored either of their two moons yet. So, Amanda and I were excited to finally find a planet that at least could relate to us and our mission. However, as we soon found out, the Utopian society was completely hedonistic! All of the women were raised to be sex objects; to freely have sex with anyone they wanted to (and they wanted to most of the time); and to have sex anywhere they wanted to! We saw couples fucking in the park, on the front lawns of homes, on the steps of a federal building, and in a quiet corner of a restaurant. It was so common that no one even took notice or made any comment except to maybe say something like, “Aren’t they a cute couple? They just met and already they’re coupling.”
But the most astonishing thing about their society was their method of greeting. In a typical social situation like in a restaurant or at a party, the guys would introduce themselves to a girl (and they ALL were gorgeous with sexy bodies), but they didn’t shake hands or give each other a hug or kiss. Not on Utopia. On Utopia, the guy would pull out his cock and the girl would give it a quick suck. It was convenient if she was sitting down, but if they were standing up, she’d just bend over and do it. It was as common as a handshake and no one took any notice.
Also, if a girl really liked the guy she’d just met, she’d give him a longer suck or even a full blowjob, swallowing his “gift” completely. Everyone would cheer when she finished him, knowing that they would be coupling soon.
Nudity was not embarrassing on Utopia either. Girls would usually dress in a very provocative manner, often showing off their plump breasts if their nipples were extraordinary. It was therefore very easy for a guy to get aroused as he gazed around a room. If he saw girls in bikinis or skimpy outfits that usually meant that they wanted to “couple” or give a nice long blowjob.
The whole thing was bizarre and shocking to watch and Amanda and I had a hard time trying to “fit in” and observe their form of greeting. Being an attractive female AND an alien, Amanda gave a lot of blowjobs and got fucked three or four times a day. She would usually get so exhausted that she’d go to bed in the afternoon for a nap.
On the other hand, I enjoyed the blowjobs from so many gorgeous girls! And they all were eager to couple with me. I would usually fuck two or three in the morning, then join Amanda for a nap. Then in the evening, we’d go to a restaurant and I’d get two or three more blowjobs and schedule a few girls to come to my room later. Oddly though, they didn’t practice group sex at all, thinking that coupling should be between just one man and one woman. But after two weeks, Amanda and I had the Utopians practicing group sex enthusiastically.
The photos at the top of this story are of the six girls that I especially wanted to remember. I took their photos because I didn’t want to ever forget them. The blonde on the upper left was my first. Wearing only a yellow bra and panties, she smiled up at me from her table, rubbed my bulging cock, and said, “Hello mister spaceman. It’s so nice to meet you.” She kept rubbing my cock expectantly, waiting for me to pull it out. I’d already determined that it would be rude to deny a girl a chance to at least give your cock a quick suck, so red-faced as I was, I pulled it out and she said, “Oh! I love its shape!” then she quickly popped it into her mouth and started sucking. Reluctantly, my cock got harder and even though the whole restaurant was watching the alien get his first blowjob, I took her head in my hands, closed my eyes, and enjoyed my first of many Utopian blowjobs.
In the meantime, Amanda was getting fucked against the wall in the corner of the room with four guys waiting for their turns. I felt sorry for her because getting gang banged on her first night was not what she had expected. But she was a real trooper and managed to “couple” with all five guys before joining me at our table.
“Holy shit, Darrel! I can’t take two weeks of this!”
“I don’t blame you. Maybe you should let me do most of the studying and limit yourself to two or three days a week.”
“Maybe I’ll do that. Getting gang banged in a restaurant full of people watching is not what I signed up for.”
“I understand completely. I can handle the blowjobs and the couplings. It’s a guy thing.”
“You’re an asshole, you know that, Darrel? I can handle anything this planet can dish out. You just watch me.” Then she got up, walked over to a table across the room, introduced herself to a nice looking guy, then gave him a five-minute blowjob. She had him moaning and humping and finally filling her mouth with Utopian cum. He thanked her and she came back to our table.
“How was that?”
“I would say that you’re fitting in quite well here.”
My second blowjob came a few minutes later when a gorgeous brunette walked up to our table. She was wearing a white tight-fitting pull-over top that did little to conceal her large breasts and thin white bikini panties. She had the most perfect sex-machine body I’d ever seen and I got an immediate boner.
She said, “Hi there. I’m Teyla and if you’ll stand up I’ll give you a blowjob. Isn’t that what you aliens call it?”
“Uh, yes it is…Teyla,” I managed to say as my eyes were glued to her enormous boobs.
I felt obligated, so I stood up as Teyla knelt down on her knees and started to rub my boner.
“I hear that your ‘cock’ looks different from the men’s cocks on Utopia. Let me see.”
My face once again turned red as I pulled my cock out. She took it lightly in one hand and rubbed it with the other.
“Mmm. I like this part on the end. It’s so soft,” she said as she licked the head of my cock.
Then she put it deep into her mouth and started to bob her head up and down on it. She was very good at it and even though I had received a good blowjob earlier, I found myself growing more aroused by the second. To speed things along, I took Keyla’s head in my hands, made two fists with her gorgeous black hair, and started to pump her mouth. Her lips were so tightly clamped around my cock that I came within a few minutes. I pulled her head to my stomach as my cock began to shoot off, as she moaned and swallowed when each spurt hit her mouth. When I was finished, she kept sucking me until my cock was limp as a wet noodle.
“Mmm! Your alien cum tastes heavenly! When can I have more?” she asked as she stood up.
Thinking quickly, I said, “Maybe tomorrow night.” I planned to show her what it was like to get fucked by an alien.
“Okay then! I’ll see you here tomorrow night,” she said and walked away as she gave two thumbs up to her friends across the room.
Amanda said, “Well, you have your work cut out for with that one. She looks like she could fuck your brains out.”
“Maybe. It’ll be fun to find out whose brains get fucked out first.”
Then one of Teyla’s friends, a beautiful blonde wearing only a white low-cut tank top, came over to our table, bent down, and whispered in my ear, “I’ll let you suck my ample tits if you’ll let me suck your cock.”
Her tits were quite ample, and the way she was leaning over, they were about to fall out of her tank top. I reached up and grabbed one of her ample tits and squeezed it firmly. I had an immediate vision of her riding my cock while those tits were hanging in my face. I would suck one then the other as she had one orgasm after the other.
“That sounds wonderful Miss…?”
“Lynelle. Why don’t you meet me here tomorrow night with Teyla? I’ll show you what group sex is like.”
“Oh! I’ve heard about that. I’ll see you tomorrow night then.” Then she leaned over again, pulled one of her ample tits out, and held it to my lips.
Lynelle’s nipples were large with large swollen areolas, so I sucked it into my mouth and squeezed it with my hand and a watery, sweet-tasting fluid began to spurt out. I thought, “That must be milk!”
She noticed my reaction and said, “I’m lactating. I gave birth to a baby girl about four months ago.”
As I kept sucking and swallow her milk, she moaned and put her hand behind my head. “Take as much as you want, alien. I have plenty.”
It was surprisingly arousing to suck a beautiful girl’s breast and get her sweet milk as a reward. I kept it up for a couple of minutes, then stopped.
Then she straightened up, stuffed her gorgeous tit back in her tank top, and said, “See you tomorrow night,” and walked back to her waiting friends.
Amanda had been watching everything with fascination. “I don’t know if I should have watched that or not.”
I chuckled and said, “Why do you say that? I was just sucking her tit.”
“I know, but you were drinker her milk. It made me uncomfortable to watch.”
“Oh my god, Amanda! You’re a prude!”
“I am not!”
“You are! You’ll watch me get a blowjob, but get uncomfortable if I suck a girl’s tits!”
“Well, maybe you’re right. Let’s drop it.”
– – – – –
The following night I met Tayla and Lynelle at the restaurant and took them to my room. They both looked so gorgeous and sexy that I felt like I’d have no problem satisfying them. They were dressed to show off their assets, and they had them in abundance: large breasts, flat tummies, nice asses, and hair groomed to perfection. Of course, Lynelle’s lactating breasts looked especially inviting. Her nipples were bulging against her thin silk blouse and were already seeping milk. On the elevator, she pulled her tits out and said, “My breasts are so heavy with milk! They need some relief,” as she smiled at me.
“Well, I think I can take care of that,” I said with a lascivious smile. “Maybe you can help, too,” I said as I turned to Tayla.
She looked embarrassed and said, “Is that part of group sex?”
“It can be if you want.”
“I’ll have to think about that.”
“That’s fine.”
When we got to my room, the girls immediately stripped down, came over to me, and kneeled down ready for their blowjobs. By that time my cock was more than ready, so I dropped my pants and the two gorgeous girls, one brunette and one blonde took turns sucking my cock. The girls on Utopia didn’t tend to do deep throat, so I was determined to teach them.
As Tayla sucked my cock into her mouth, I put my hand on the back of her head and pushed my cock down her throat. She gagged hard and pulled away. That gave Lynelle her turn, so as she opened her lovely mouth, I put my hand on the back of her head and pulled it onto my cock. It slipped easily all the way down her throat where I held it until the head of my cock began to swell. I pulled it out with a pop and pushed it back into Tayla’s throat, who was ready to try again.
Both girl’s throats felt so nice and tight and knowing that theirs were virgin throats, made me shoot off much too quickly. I suddenly felt my orgasm coming, so I pulled Tayla’s face hard against my crotch and waited for my cock to explode…and it did within seconds. The first hard spurt made Tayla cough and pull away, so I turned to Lynelle and pushed it down her throat. She managed to take all of my remaining cum shots and coughed only once.
When I finished, I said, “That, ladies, was your first taste of group sex.”
They both were swallowing to clear their throats, having never taken a load of cum in their throats before.
Tayla was the first to speak, “I’m sorry that I pulled away so fast. It surprised me so.”
“That’s okay, Tayla. It was your first time. Next time you’ll know what to expect.”
Then Lynelle said, “I liked it. Feeling your warm cum surge down into my stomach was arousing. Now you’ll have to fuck me or I’ll die!”
I was surprised that she had already learned our word for coupling, so I said, “Why don’t we move to the bed and I’ll take care of those heavy breasts, Lynelle.”
We all three crawled onto the bed, one girl on each side. Lynelle was eager for me to relieve her heavy breasts so she kissed me then picked up one of her breasts and put it to my lips. I took the large nipple into my mouth and started to suck and massage it as milk began to flow.
I sucked and swallowed for a few minutes, then said to Tayla, “Why don’t you suck her other breast? It needs relief too.”
Tayla was quite embarrassed to suck another woman’s breast but was feeling horny enough to do it. So, she took Lynelle’s other gorging breast in her mouth and started to suck. Lynelle was moaning and put her hand behind Tayla’s head to encourage her.
After a few minutes, the position we were in became uncomfortable, so Lynelle laid down on her back with me on one side and Tayla on the other, each sucking and swallowing her sweet-tasting milk. She was moaning and started to masturbate as she felt an orgasm approaching.
When I noticed that, I quickly got between her legs and rammed my cock deep into her.
“Ugh! Mister alien! Your cock feels wonderful. Oh, fuck yes!”
Tayla was also masturbating, but I could only fuck one of them at a time. She’d have to wait. But she couldn’t wait. She suddenly pushed three fingers into her pussy and had a devastating orgasm and never stopped sucking Lynelle’s breast.
Then it was Lynelle’s turn to have an orgasm. She groaned, grabbed Tayla by the hair, and pulled her face to her lips. They started to French kiss as Lynelle’s orgasm thundered through her body.
When it was over, I got behind Tayla and fucked her to another ravishing orgasm as she sucked one of Lynelle’s breasts. The sight of those two gorgeous girls having sex with each other for the first time, and me fucking Tayla from behind, sent me over the top once again and I filled her cunt with cum. She could feel it and wiggled her ass to help.
After several minutes, we all collapsed in a heap on the bed. We were panting to catch our breath; we were sweaty, and we were sexually satisfied. I laid there wishing that I had a video of the three of us to show Amanda. We had an unspoken competition going.
The three of us went to sleep and slept almost all night. I woke up when I felt a mouth engulfing my cock. I looked down and the two girls were taking turns sucking me down their throats. They were gagging but were determined not to.
I reached down and placed a hand on the back of their heads to assist with their deep throat attempts. As one would gag and pull away, the other would take her place. It was a sight to behold and a feeling like I’d never had before. Two gorgeous Utopian girls, one brunette, the other blonde, each trying to outdo the other at deep-throating my cock. I thought, “What a wonderful way to wake up!”
– – – – –
But I had to get my day going. I had an interview with the governing leader of the town in an hour, so much to their disappointment, I had to rush Tayla and Lynelle out the door and hop in the shower. Amanda was probably already dressed and waiting for me.
We met Mr. Cassido at his home and were greeted warmly and shown into his sitting room. He took a seat on a white leather sofa and we sat in two white leather seats facing him.
“Thank you, Mr. Cassido, for meeting with us. We have just a few questions about the government here on Utopia.”
“That’s fine, Darrel. May I call you Darrel? I’m glad to help.”
“Darrel is fine. We’re informal.”
But before I could ask my first question, a beautiful teenage girl with long blonde hair appeared in the doorway wearing a very revealing blue sort of “blouse/shorts” garment whose straps running from the shorts up around her neck did not cover her cute, plump breasts. She came waltzing in and said, “Introduce me to the spaceman, daddy.”
“Sure honey. This is Darrel and his partner Amanda. They’re here to ask me a few questions. “This is my daughter, Sing.”
Amanda and I stood up and extended our hands out of habit and immediately got a frown from Sing. I knew what she wanted, so I unzipped my pants and pulled out my cock right there in front of her father.
Sing bent over and sucked my cock for maybe fifteen seconds then said, “I want to couple with him daddy. Can the questions wait?”
“Sure honey. You two run along and I’ll wait here with Amanda.”
I looked at Amanda and she said, “Go ahead. I’ll do the interview.”
Sing led me to her bedroom on the third floor of their large mansion, slipped the straps of her garment off her shoulders, and pushed what remained to the floor.
“It’s my understanding that your people call coupling, fucking. Is that right?” she asked rather matter-of-factly.
“That’s right.”
Then Sing lay down on the bed with her long blonde hair spread out on the pillow and said, “Then I want you to fuck me.” She spread her legs and held out her hands to invite me to join her.
I quickly removed my clothes as I looked at her. She couldn’t have been more than s*******n or eighteen and she had the cutest tits I’d seen yet. They weren’t small or too large; they were the perfect size; plump with large mounds for areolas and nipples. I couldn’t wait to get them into my mouth.
I crawled onto the bed and went straight to her spread legs and her wet pussy. I started to kiss the inside of her thighs, working my way down to her pussy.
Sing froze and said, “Aren’t you going to fuck me?”
“Yes, but I’m going to eat you first.”
“Eat me? What is that?”
“Just wait and you’ll see,” I said as I continued to kiss my way toward her pussy.
Then when I made my first lick of her clit, Sing moaned and made two fists with the bedspread. I kept licking and exploring her pussy as she got more and more aroused.
“Oh, Darrel! No one’s ever done this to me before.”
I kept right on licking and sucking her clit until she seemed like she was about to have an orgasm. That’s when I quickly moved up and rammed my hard cock deep into her. She groaned loudly and wrapped her legs around my waist. We fucked hard for only a few minutes before we both had orgasms.
Our mutual orgasms must have lasted a good five minutes because Sing kept thrusting and thrusting until she was exhausted. When she stopped, my limp cock slipped out of her and I rolled over beside her.
After a few minutes, she whispered, “That was the first fuck I’ve had. And your eating me made it so much better.”
“That’s a common practice where I come from.”
“Mmm. I’m sure it will become a common practice here as well,” she said, barely able to keep her eyes open.
“So, you’ve never coupled before? That was really your first time?”
“Yes. My parents wanted me to wait until I married, so please don’t tell him that you fucked me.”
“I won’t, Sing. I didn’t feel your hymen pop!”
“What’s a hymen?”
“It’s a uh, a uh piece of skin that blocks the entrance to your pussy. Maybe girls here don’t have them.”
“No, we don’t have anything like that. If we did, we couldn’t get ourselves off with a rubber cock, as you call it. Our parents give us one when they think we’re old enough.”
“I see! Well, I should get back to your father and the interview.”
“Okay. Thank you for the nice fuck,” she whispered as she fell asleep.
When I got back to the sitting room where I’d left Mr. Cassido and Amanda, there was another woman there; a stunning brunette.
Cassido said, “Oh! You’re back. I want you to meet my lovely wife, Sinbin. This is Mr. Darrel.”
She turned to me, gave me a gorgeous smile, then walked over to me and rubbed my cock. It was flaccid at that point, but looking into Sinbin’s beautiful green eyes made it grow quickly. I knew without a doubt that she intended to suck me off right there in front of Amanda and her husband. I thought, “Oh my god! How can I perform so soon and in front of her husband?”
But her husband was smiling proudly as though Sinbin was about to anoint me with an award. Then she dropped to her knees and waited for me to pull my cock out.
I sighed internally and pulled it out, knowing that I wouldn’t be able to cum again so quickly after fucking her daughter. But as I took her head in my hands and slid my fingers into her gorgeous soft hair, I just closed my eyes and said to myself, “I don’t care how long this takes, she has the most wonderful mouth and throat I’ve had yet.”
I started to fuck Sinbin’s throat as deeply as I could and not once did she gag. She could have taken a twelve-inch cock and loved it. I forgot that Amanda was watching. I forgot that her husband was watching. I just fucked Sinbin’s throat for almost fifteen minutes before shooting off. She moaned and swallowed repeatedly until I was finished, then stood up.
“I guess it took you so long because you had just coupled with my daughter.”
I turned red and said, “That’s probably it.”
“Please don’t be embarrassed, Darrel. We want our daughter to love sex the way all Utopians do. You were her first coupling. We’re honored.”
“No, the honor is all mine. Sing is a beautiful girl.”
Then Mr. Cassido announced with pride, “Amanda gave me a wonderful blowjob while you were with Sing. Sinbin came in and watched, too. It was wonderful.”
Amanda had completed the interview with Mr. Cassido, so we quickly made excuses to leave. I couldn’t get out of there fast enough. Even though I was learning the Utopian customs of free love, etc., it was still terribly embarrassing to get a fifteen-minute blowjob from a woman whose husband was sitting only eight feet away.
Once we were outside and walking toward downtown, Amanda asked, “You popped her cherry?”
“I thought I did, but she said that girls here don’t have hymens.”
“Hmm. I suppose that’s a possibility.”
– – – – –
Amanda and I were getting tired of all the sex on Utopia. All the blowjob; all the public sex; everything! We had two more days to go before we moved on to the next planet on our list. And we had a lengthy report to write!
So, it was our last night and we were having dinner in our hotel dining room, when a beautiful blonde walked up and said, “Hi. My name is Frilisha and I’d love for you to fuck me later if you have the time.”
Frilisha was really gorgeous and had a body that any man would die for. “Okay, Frilisha, would you like to come to my room later?”
“Actually, I’d like to do it in the pool if that’s okay. I think the warm water will make it more enjoyable.”
“That’s a good idea. How about eight o’clock?”
“That’s perfect. See you at eight,” then she dropped to her knees and waited for me to pull my cock out.
I said, “Oh, sorry,” and unzipped my pants and pulled my cock out.
Frilisha immediately sucked it into her mouth and got me off within a couple of minutes. She was very good at giving head!
“Thanks. See you in the pool at eight,” she said and left.
Amanda quipped, “Well, it looks like your last night on Utopia will be a tiring one.”
“You think?”
– – – – –
I entered the hotel’s pool exactly at eight and Frilisha was waiting, wearing a skimpy skin-colored bikini with her hair tied up in a bun. What I hadn’t planned on was the large audience that was sitting around the pool. They all had their legs and feet in the water just waiting for the show to begin. I’d had an audience before, but nothing like that. It was like a formal coming-out party or celebration and Frilisha and I were the center of attraction.
“Hi, Darrel. I have a surprise for you. You’ll be my first fuck. I was saving myself for my husband, but when you arrived, I decided to give myself to you. Everyone here is a friend and they want to watch. Is that alright?”
I was embarrassed and honored all at the same time. Frilisha was a gorgeous girl and now that I knew she was a virgin, taking her was going to be a privilege and an honor, albeit while on public display. But I had to remind myself that this was a common occurrence on Utopia, the most hedonistic society imaginable.
“Well, I guess it is alright, but a more private venue would have been nice,” I said as I walked up to her in the warm waist-deep water.
“Oh, I am sorry, but the first coupling for a girl on Utopia is a very special event, and doing it among her friends makes it even more special.”
“I understand. It’s just not what I’m used to where I come from.”
“So, to use your word for it, fuck me,” she whispered in my ear as she put her arms around my neck and pressed her firm breasts against my chest.
Although we had a big audience, my cock had gotten stiff just thinking about popping that gorgeous blonde’s cherry (so to speak). So, I pushed my trunks off and she pushed her bikini bottom off.
“Oh, I can feel your cock poking me in the stomach! Let me go under and suck it,” she whispered. Then she took a deep breath and dropped down under the water and slipped my cock into her mouth all the way. I took her head in my hands and fucked her throat for several minutes. I had to close my eyes and try to forget all the men and women watching me get an under-water blowjob. Frilisha was good at giving head, so it didn’t take long for me to feel my climax approaching, so I pulled her up. If she wanted to get fucked, she’d have to forget the blowjob.
“I’m ready to fuck you now,” I whispered as I pulled her to me and we kissed.
She wrapped her legs around me and whispered, “I’ve wanted this for so long. Fuck me good and hard.”
I reached down and easily guided my stiff cock into her pussy and she pulled with her legs, sinking it deep into her virgin body, where she immediately started to thrust on it.
“Oh my god it feels so good,” she said aloud. That brought a big cheer from the onlookers.
I grabbed her ass and fucked her as hard and as fast as I could. Our lips were locked in a French kiss as she moaned and thrust on my cock. For her first fuck, she was really getting into it.
Then she whispered in my ear, “I hope I get pregnant with your baby, Darrel. I’m very fertile today.”
I was so close to shooting off that I didn’t answer. My balls felt hard and ready to release my sperm into that gorgeous virgin. Two more hard thrusts and it happened. My cock exploded in Frilisha, making her moan and pull with her legs.
“Oh yes! Fuck me!” she yelled, which brought another big cheer from the crowd.
She hugged me tight and had an orgasm that sent shivers down through her body. Her pussy muscles tightened on my cock as she groaned loudly.
Some girl in the crowd near us yelled, “Yeah girl. Fuck that alien cock!”
I was sucking a hickey on her neck as my cock was spurting. It seemed to go on forever as I squeezed her ass with each jerk of my cock. I was having a fuck that I’d never forget.
When our mutual orgasms were over, we kept fucking until my cock slipped out. But Frilisha wanted more.
“Can we spend the night together? I want to get pregnant. I’m so ready.”
“I thought that Utopian women were born infertile and had to take an injection to get pregnant?”
“We are, and I had my injection. That’s why I’m feeling so ready to fuck and get pregnant. When a girl is ready to get pregnant, like I am now, she can’t get enough. She’ll keep fucking until it’s run its course. That’s why I want to spend the night with you; so we can fuck over and over.”
“Okay, Frilisha. Come with me.”
She smiled and gave a thumbs up to everyone, which brought another big cheer from the crowd. I couldn’t get us out of there fast enough.
– – – – –
Frilisha kept her word and fucked me over and over until we both fell asleep from exhaustion. Amanda and I left early the next day, so I guess I’ll never know if she had my baby or not.