I left early my office and caught the train during the rush hour. My nice car was broken down at the garage and the train was the best chance for me to meet my good girlfriend Jenna; to arrange a birthday party in a club.

It was summer time and that warm day I was dressed up in a tight black fitting top, with no bra; a silk short and a pair of sexy stilettos…
As I was standing and waiting for the train, I got some attention from men around, when my skirt lift up with the light breeze. I could only hold the front of my skirt as my other hand was holding a big paper bag with a present for Jenna.

Every man there was feasting on my nice ass. I was wearing a white cotton thong, leaving my bare ass cheeks almost completely visible to their hungry lustful looks.

It was boarding time finally. Everyone was anxious to leave the warm sunny weather outside to go into the cooler cabins of the train.
The car was a bit crowded due to rush hour but after a few minutes of pushing back and forth, we were all inside.

I ended up standing close to the middle of this overcrowded car, facing a window. It was still hot, as the air condition struggled to blow the cooler air everywhere.

Someone kept pushing me from behind. I noticed that someone with a hard on penis was pressing against my butt. I looked back and watched a young black man, but he did not make any eye contact. I could feel that his cock was really thick and long…

The train moved and everyone standing had a jolt; the black man behind me cupped my boobs in an attempt to hold me and prevent me from losing balance. His hands were big and strong. His fingers slightly brushed my nipples. It was quick and nobody else seemed to notice.
My tits felt a slight tingle and my nipples hardened from the touch.
I could see in the window reflection how erect my nipples had become.
I was feeling aroused and blushing red. I had to lower my sunglasses to my face, to hide my look of lust…
The young black man seemed to be determined to do more than rub his cock on my butt. He slightly moved one hand underneath my skirt. He was doing it slow and he was very discreet. Looking into the window reflection, I could not guess what was going on but I could feel his hand moving up and towards my pussy.

I really did not know what to do. I could make a scene or let this man have his way. The confusion and arousal made my heart run even faster; I felt I was starting to sweat more and breathing heavily.

My pussy was anticipating the touch; as always been, my body was betraying me; because now I could feel that I was getting wet just from the thought of being touched by a stranger. A black stranger with a huge black rough hand. I felt his long fingers moving inches closer to my cunt.
The man slightly moved his finger and touched my pussy lips through my drenched thong. He probably could feel how wet I was. His fingers kept moving in tiny circles on my swollen clit. I was feeling like I was about to faint as I was getting crazy in pleasure.