After drinking lots of tequila from a hard week and rough week I am buzzing really hard. So I go lay down fall a sleep and wake about 2:30am and my dick is hard as fuck. I am horny and i know i wanna do…put something in my mouth to ease this feeling. I shower throw on my usual extra large t shirt and shorts and head to the spot on the outskirts of town. The Gloryhole. I am still buzzing but take two small bottles with me. I get there about 4:00am and there are about 5 cars in the parking lot. I drink one bottle then walk in pay and go back on to the back. There two guys standing together as I walk down the first corridor . They speak I speak as i walk by. Hi and hello.I went in to the booth at the end and came back out and watched the movie from hallway like they were.Then I pulled out the other bottle and slammed it back. {airplane bottles} They looked and laughed a little and shook there heads and said ” O yeah”. Then a few minutes later one of the guys came and asked do i have any left. I told him sorry that was my last one . He said cool just checking never know. Then he asked was i waiting for someone . I said no just out trying to have a little fun. He said yeah him too and so was the other guy that he was talking to. It seemed right then that tequila kicked in again and I said you look fun wanna watch this movie with me. He said sure then we walked into the booth and closed and locked the door. He grabbed me from behind and pulled me into him a groped my dick and ass . Then my chest and nipples while grinding on my ass with that semi hard dick. He went up my shirt and pulled it off and pinched my nipples.Then he turned me around and i Got on my knees in front of him and pulled down his sweats and a fat juicy dick popped . Very nice size and thick ….yasss. I started to lick the head and tease him and he moaned and like yeahhh. Then i took that hard dick nice and slow deep in my throat he was loving it. Then he reached around the back of head with both hand and started fucking the shit out of my mouth. I was gagging he was saying” yeah
yeah suck it suck it “. {I think that what he was saying} I Know was really turned on and wanted his dick. He was pounding my mouth and throat and liked it. I was feeling if he turns me over pulls down my shorts and want to fuck my ass i will give it to him. He will be the first. He then stops pumping my mouth then shoots a huge spurt of cum down my throat pulls back then start jerking off all in face and mouth then puts it back in so i can get the last drop of cum out of him .I really enjoyed what he just did to me. He rubbed his dick around my lips pulled his pants up thanked me and jetted. I felt like a tramp and slut and i liked it. I waited a few minutes after wiping my face with my shirt to leave out to go wash my face in the restroom. When I leave out my booth another caught me off guard and ask how i am doing? I say I am fine thank you. Then asked was I leaving . I am just going to the rest room right now. He then said ok cool maybe I might see if you don’t leave. . I told him we shall see with a chuckle.I washed my face and wiped as much cum off me as I could and my dick was getting harder and I was still very horny. So i came out the bathroom and went looking for the other guy or anyone right now. He was down the same corridor where we had spoke. I cleared my throat and he started walking towards me. I told I was gonna stay awhile I have nothing to do today I bent over in front of him like was stretching just to see what would do. Then I backed into and said excuse me . He said it was ok. I didn’t get the reaction I thought. I see he was nervous so I got entice him more. I told him its hot in here i gotta get cool off. Knowing we were the only two in there stepped in the booth closed the door stripped down {which I never where underwear to the gloryhole} and opened the door and said that is better. Them went back and stood beside him. I shocked him real good …lol That is when he got. He started feeling on me and guided me back in the booth. He bent me over and started to smack my ass. Oh Wow yasss.My dick was so hard about to explode .He undid his pants and said “suck it bitch”. I was in luck it was big dick night at the gloryhole. He put one hand on my head shove all his dick down my throat. He took his time and I slowly deepthroated him. It seemed his dick was longer than the first guy but can take it. He made me suck his balls I liked those huge nuts.He was jerking off while i was sucking his balls and sack. The stuck his dick back in my mouth going back deep in my throat and mouth. Thats when he told me bend over and i did as he requested.He started to smack my ass with his dick what a wild feeling. I just knew he was gonna fuck my ass. He then smack my ass with his hand and told me turn around a swallow this nut. Then when i started to suck him he put both hands on my head and shot cum down my throat a pumped slowly so I could try and swallow it all. The more I swallowed the tighter the grip. I incredible just letting role down my throat. He finished and I sucked him until he was dry.. He left I got dressed left behind him about 10 minutes and my ass is still virgin…lol What wonderful night.