[ For a good friend, and fellow cuckold….enjoy! ]

White at work, whenever I could, I kept checking my phone for messages from my wife, Mara. We were in the initial planning stages of what we were hoping would be our second interracial breeding ‘vacation in October to Morocco (to the sea-side city of Agadir, to be precise). We were in contact with one African man by the name of Jamal; a 42 year old construction worker originally from the Democratic Republic of Congo, but living and working in Marrakesh.

He was extremely interested in what Mara and I were looking to accomplish while there—namely to not only have some truly fantastic sex, but hopefully for Mara to end up pregnant for the second time, and also by an African man we’d spent time with in Kenya the year before (and she had gotten pregnant by him).

In our back and forth chats, my memory kept flashing back to when Anna and Omar (the guy we’d spent time with in Kenya, and who had fathered our first interracial c***d) had been together; and even though I was at work, I kept getting an erection each time I either heard from Mara, or Jamal, or just from remembering how it had been that last time!

Eventually, I got up from my desk and went to the restroom, and closing the door to the stall, I masturbated, and as I did, I quietly scrolled through the photos of Mara and Omar I had on my phone; and, with no one else there, I quickly achieved a very intense orgasm—shooting my load of sperm into the toilet between my legs; and trying not to make a sound; which was difficult because the pleasure of the release was really wonderful, and intense, and it left me feeling much less sexually agitated.

I sketched out this simple scenario because as a cuckold, a married cuckold, this was typically my preferred way of having sexual satisfaction. Mara and I, though married, and though I think we have a good relationship as a married couple, sex is really not that large of an aspect of our marriage. It wasn’t when were dating, and nothing changed about that after we were married. Plus, Mara and made it very clear to me, right from the start, that if we did get married (and I very much wanted to marry her), that she wanted c***dren—just not c***dren with me, nor with any ‘white’ Caucasian male, for that matter. Instead, she’d made up her mind to have ONLY black men’s babies, and, more than that, but she only wished to conceive with African males. She was adamant about that, and already being quite in love with Mara, I never objected it.

One of the things I love about my wife is her tenacious commitment to doing something significant against what some call ‘white supremacy’, or simply ‘racism.’ She’d felt this was growing up, as time went on, she felt more and more determined to do something significant against racism—and giving her womb to be the incubator of black-fathered c***dren was, to her, the most effective way of going about it; and I agreed with her. I still do!