I have always been a spanko…I’m pretty sure I was born that way…my parents were not huge believers in corporal punishment but I got the odd spanking with the hairbrush when I got out of line…

A lot of my early recollections were at school either bearing witness to a classroom spanking or me being on the receiving end.
But it was the 1970s and the slipper still ruled the classroom.
It was a giddy unexplainable excitement I felt when seeing another pupil being beaten…the sounds the reactions as I sat there watching with eyes bulging getting hot and bothered as the spanks came thick and fast!

Obviously I wasn’t at the time aware of my kink and a trip to the headmaster still had me quaking in fear he wasn’t a man to make an enemy of and his slipperings were always swift and hard….waiting outside listening to another boy getting his bottom slippered always had me trembling and gulping.
Seeing the lad leave with obvious distress and watery eyes knowing you were next was like walking into an abyss of no escape!

Many years later after experimenting with self spanking and fun spanking with the wife…with the wife’s permission I visited a gentleman dominant in my home town we had a few conversations online to suss each other out and discuss likes and dislikes we arranged a meeting.

There was me thinking it was going to be a draconian set up all dark decor and Racks of whips and canes and when I arrived his house was as cosy and plush as my own place.

His meek little wife showed me in and there he was my gentleman dom in corduroy slacks and carpet slippers!….he shook my hand firmly and offered a cup of tea he could see I was a little nervous so he put my mind at rest by telling me that he always used safe words and would always stop when asked.

We finished our tea and he showed me the way to a bedroom he used for his guests….

It was a light airy room with a wooden famed double bed and wall fitted sliding wardrobe all along one side of the room.
He asked if there were any implements that I had a real aversion to being used on me and I replied that I’d tried many so was happy to sample any he was prepared to use on me…he showed me some images on the computer that sat in a corner on a small desk of previous visitors to his house no faces were shown just face down images of men and ladies with varying states of thrashed buttocks.
He slid open a wardrobe door and within I could see various implements..paddles..straps..canes..flogger.
I asked if he generally flogged his spankees naked as most of the images I’d seen the recipient’s were nude.

His wife fetched some cushions for me to lay on and gave me a reassuring smile then she left us and closed the bedroom door.
I removed my clothing and folded it and put it on a nearby chair..I laid on the cushions provided on the bed which pushed up my bottom a little higher.