Back when i was around eighteen in the mid 1990’s and still living with my parents i had just finished college for the day and felt horny and in need of a wank so i drove to a secluded spot that i knew would be a good place to cum. Driving off the main road and to an area not that popular with walkers or cyclists i parked up my car and walked off into a wooded area. As i got to a nice spot i looked around to make sure i was alone and then i unzipped my jeans and pulled them and my boxer shorts down to release my already stiff cock. After about ten minutes of wanking i heard a male voice behind me say ‘great minds think alike’ and i quickly turned around to see a man in his fifties approaching me. Panicked i tried to quickly pull up my boxers and jeans over my hard cock but he laughed and said its ok i’m here to wank as well, he said this is usually where he goes for a quiet wank and thats its usually deserted. We were now about two feet apart and as i tried to cover and hide my hardon he held his hand out and showed me a porn magazine that he said he was going to wank to and if i wanted to we could both wank off whilst looking at the magazine. The magazine was some mature milfs and gilfs magazine which i love but i was just so ashamed after being caught wanking by a stranger i was about to walk off but for some reason unknown to me i actually said yeah ok. Before this i would have never done such a thing or had even thought about it but here i was about to wank with a man that was over thirty years older than me.
He unzipped his trousers and pulled them down to reveal his soft cock which was about six inches long but thick. He opened up the magazine and placed it on the ground in front of us and got down on his knees and started to rub his rapidly hardening cock. Still unsure and holding up my jeans he said i could just watch if i didnt want to join in. I just stood there looking at him wanking his cock to the magazine and just thought fuck it i still need a wank and this may be fun. I loosened my grip on my jeans and boxers and pulled them down again before getting down to my knees.
I nervously took hold of my cock and started to do a few slow strokes but after a minute or so i was matching this stranger stroke for stroke. We were both kneeling next to each other and wanking over this mag as he was talking filth about the big titted matures. At this point in my life i don’t think i had ever been turned on as much and the fact i was wanking with another man became irrelevant. Who cares, i was horny and having fun with a much more experienced wanker. After about fifteen minutes of flicking through the pages and wanking to the women he picked up his pace and began to moan, he leaned over the magazine and several thick spurts of creamy cum shot out of his cock covering the opened pages. He sat down on the ground out of breath and said that was one of the horniest wanks that he had ever had. I looked over at his cock which still had a few dribbles of cum leaking from it and i quickened up my pace so i could cum as well. Seeing this he started to talk dirty telling me to wank my young cock for the slut on the pages and cover her in my cum as well. I kept on furiously wanking my cock for about another ten minutes whilst he watched me. Our eyes kept meeting and for a while we just looked at each other while i wanked and he gave me encouragement, at this point i could feel that i was close to cumming, he sensed this as well and got to his knees to get a better view of the show i was putting on for him. My wet cock was throbbing and getting closer and closer to shedding its load, as my moans grew louder i hit the point of no return.
Beads of precum were flying from my hard pumped cock and at that point i leaned over the magazine and unloaded my balls onto it. Thick jets of spunk shot out onto the magazine covering the pages and adding to the already big load that he had produced earlier and he laughed and called me a dirty little fucker. I sat back on the ground and said to him that i couldn’t believe what we had just done and how dirty that had felt but also how horny it had made me feel. For the next twenty minutes or so we just sat semi naked and chatted like mates would do about general things and getting to know each other and although we still had our cocks out it didn’t seem to matter. After a while we started to get dressed and made our way back to our cars as we walked back he asked if i wanted to do it again sometime and said that he would give me his number so i could call and arrange another meet if i wanted to. I told him that i would love to meet again and as we got back to our cars he wrote down his landline number and also to only call on weekday evenings after a certain time when his wife was out.
Two weeks later i plucked up the courage to call him again and that was the start of our regular meets over the next four years or so and during those years he introduced me to many new experiences.