I wrote ‘Watching the neighbour shower’ some time ago and always intended to add this next chapter

Watching the neighbour shower part 2As you can imagine the images of watching her shower remained with me and still do. During the next little while I continued to glance in the direction of this talented ladies window hoping to see once again her beauty displayed.
Days went by, doubts availed themselves. Was this then a one off viewing, never to be repeated? Was she perhaps a visitor? Days turned into a couple of weeks and still no sighting.

The days grew longer as summer settled in, time to check out the many hiking trails in and around the city. One Saturday afternoon a plan was made which saw me heading over to Lac St. Jean and a short but pleasant trail through the trees along the lake. As luck would have it this trail began at the far end of a local beach so yes a little viewing pleasure was anticipated. Little did I know but this happened to be one of the unofficial semi-nude beaches, bonus!

The trail turned out to be infested with blackfly, a most obnoxious pest, needing no further prompting I opted for the beach, that’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it!

Despite signs warning of dire consequences should one dispose of one’s clothing several had done just that. Mostly tops only but a couple of bottoms too! Finding a comfortable spot I allowed my voyeuristic side to run amok and there was lots to see. Watching women play volleyball with only bikini bottoms ah a sight to behold. With breasts bouncing and nipples pointed and thrust out, bikini bottoms rippling with the exertion of trying to contain ample buttocks. These girls were a glorious sight to see.

Then right beside me 2 women stripping off their clothes, a skirt and some shorts dropped to the sand, leaving them in bikini bottoms and halter tops. Then tops pulled off, showing off full breasts encased in lace. Reaching behind, unhooking, leaning forward allowing the lace to fall away revealing swelling breasts topped with pink nipples. Away they went, long legs stretching, striding out down to the water. I was granted the image of bouncing breasts and rippling buttocks.

As with everything the day draws to a close; but I was left with a cornucopia of stored images from watching seminude females playing, laughing, enjoying life.

Although I made a promise to myself to return another day, that day never came.

And summer went on, bringing with it, visitors. This latter event caused me to give up my room and take up residence on the couch in the living room for a short while. This would turn out to be a good thing.

Rising one sunny morning, I stretched and as had become my habit glanced to the apartment across the way. Almost in the act of turning away I caught myself and looked again. YES there she was! It hadn’t all been some dream. For whatever reason, maybe it was due to it being daytime instead of night, instead of being furtive I stepped boldly towards the window for a better look. In the process I ignored my own attire which consisted of pj bottoms. I was honestly more interested in my neighbour’s attire. Her long legs were bare until they disappeared into what appeared to be short shorts barely covering the swell of her buttocks. Then an expanse of bare belly and finally a crop top that hung from her breasts. Her long brown hair was pulled back. I couldn’t determine if this was a sleep set or an exercise set, not that it mattered as it showed her body to perfection. She was standing as if in the process of leaving the living room and entering the hallway in which I had seen her before. I was also seeing her through a different window that allowed me to see all of her.