It is all real , all so much true, those warning in sissy hypno , they all are so fucking true

One day , having practice so much on that toy i ordered so many underwear, it wasn’t enough I had to get cute cloth, i wanted to be cute , in panty up and down my toy like a good girl

the days passed , the training continued and the real cock craving was too much
now wearing panty only , no boxer , only cute panty , mentally ready to be caught
its all i wanted , walking at night near the big public transport warehouse, in the park where worker walk to het home after their night shift
to be caught be a real man, someone who…would knew what to do with a wimp sissy boy like me

and off course like i was warned in the vids, i was on the parc bench when he walk straight to me asking me for a cigarette

”is that weed, damn i have money id like to smoke some boy”
”i have some roll here its ok i can share”

”wanna go smoke in my car and relax? its right over there”
we smoke the weed i have and i started looking at him…. hungry , all he had to do his push me down and i would open like i true eager cock sucker

”its good weed ”

”yeah from SQDC”
”nice, legal weed is the way to go”

”you are young how old are you”
”oh damn the good years, im 43 ”

”you….you like older guy?”

he spread as he ask
i watch his bulge too shy to answer
”you want to suck a cock , i can tell , you been looking at it alot”

my heart flipped as he said the word

”you look so shy , here ill show you what i mean”

god i was looking at a bbc, like all my sissy vid . a nice bbc hard and up wanting my sissy holes

”here get down like that, look at you , you want it , have fun boy that big cock is all for you”

i was finally between his legs on the floor if his car

my head was grabbed and i was sucking a bbc, mouth open as he move me up and down

”good boy, i knew this is what you needed”


”yes baby suck that big cock ,shit this is nice, nice pussy mouth ”

in a car, at night i discovered the love for bbc
sucking it felt so right i took my time
he smoke more of my weed and look at me enjoy his powerfull black cock, a tool to turn small; white boy into instant cock sucker

”oh what is this”

he pull my sweat pants down and look at me in my cute panty

‘hooooo ok i see now”
”you really walk at the parc wanting this ”