What a Gay Pair

By: Londebaaz Chohan

Now Benjamin had come to terms with him being gay, a student of freshman year in college but to be openly gay in college was scaring him. Maybe he will be harassed, beaten up or man handled by the bully boys or maybe some reason was created to rusticate him from college. He just could not accept any of this and was struggling where to find sex, if not in college from the fellow college boys.

On this hot summer day, he happened to be in the town Mall, visiting the Men’s room, looking at the filthy messages on the wall for gay sex with specific deep throats, ass fucking and much more, providing the phone numbers and in some cases the specific times as well. It was a struggle to take a plunge or not. His young and very healthy cock was so stiff that it was hurting when he heard a foot tapping in the next stall to give him very painful erection in his jeans. Then he saw a note of graffiti that solved the mystery for him, “Tap foot for blowjob”.

His just 18 years old cock was drooling pre cum like crazy when he considered, ‘could it be for him’? Would this person be interested to give him a blowjob? Like a robot in slow motion, he raised his foot and returned the tap. Soon a man’s head appeared under the divider wall between the two stalls. The man looked very young too but around 25 almost with curly hair and shining brown eyes. The man asked Ben to kneel down and let him suck his cock. Ben was too nervous for this being this first time in such situation but his cock was the boss by now, compelling him to get down and make the man suck him. Ben had sucked and had himself sucked with the neighborhood boys but now he was far away from home and there was almost no chance for anyone to point a finger at him here. This was a fresh start and he did not want to lose the opportunity, although this was a complete stranger. Ben suddenly thought that whatever, this was an adult, who knew things, Ben did not know how to do.

He was right, the man had a hot and wet mouth covering Ben’s cock with spit as he sucked him with not only passion or fervor but knew where to apply pressure for creating waves of joy with the blowjob. He was telling Ben to keep it quiet as Ben moaned but never stopped sucking, bobbing his head up and down on Ben’s long and thick uncut cock. Ben watched with passion as his head swayed, in various position, creating rippling effect with his mouth and tongue on Ben’s shaft. Soon his one hand reached to cup Ben’s balls and with the other hand he reached Ben’s ass cheeks for slow fingering him there. Ben felt very dirty as the stranger slurped on his cock and fondled his asshole but it also felt great. It took about 10 minutes and Ben’s balls were getting knotted under the cock and getting ready to push the hot, young male juice out of the cock hole when suddenly the main door to the Men’s room creaked open. Ben panicked as he pulled his cock from the man’s mouth to sit back on the commode and wait for the security to take him away. His cock had completely deflated when he saw the cock sucker’s finger, suggesting to come out of there. He did not have to tell this twice to Ben, as Ben quickly pulled up his shorts to be outside and following the man in the parking lot soon after the new entrant man got out after using the urinal.