by Darkness

Kevin pulled his car to the curb and rolled to a stop. He immediately jumped out and dashed into a Starbucks’ for a cup of Dark Roast Coffee on his way to work. All goes well as he spends fewer than five minutes in the coffee shop and was on his way out when he discovered a UPS truck had him wedged in between an SUV in front, and a carpet cleaning service van. Kevin suppressed his desire to scream and instead glanced about to see any sign of the UPS driver. After nearly a minute he sighed and threw his hands in the air. He glanced at his watch and once again suppressed the urge to scream. Fortunately, the carpet cleaning van moved, and he managed to back out of the confined space, however by the time he accomplished this task, he glanced down at his watch and screamed. “Damnit, shit”. He contemplated doing something very rash but instead decided to climb inside and beeped the horn of the UPS truck and held the button down until a large black man in a brown uniform dashed out the tax office a few doors down. He wore an angry sneer through his thick mustache on his face as he marched toward his truck. He glanced up into the truck and saw the youthfully athletic, dark brown-haired man and snarled as he hop-stepped into the truck, snatched Kevin by his collar and lifted him off his feet.
“I guess you can relate to my frustration when you blocked me in.” Kevin snapped.
“I apologize for that, but going into my truck is a no, no.” The brown-skinned delivery driver barked back.
The sight of the powerfully built man who wasn’t as tall as he was but built like a tugboat. Kevin quickly realized after he was lifted off his feet, that perhaps he hadn’t thought this thing all the way through.
“I’m sorry man, but you made me late for work.” Kevin cried.
The driver placed Kevin back on his feet as he declared. “I guess I do owe you an apology, don’t I. damn, the tax guy said I’d be in and out in less than 4 minutes. The paperwork was supposed to be all set up for me to sign, I get there and the place’s a mess. I really had to finish my taxes today or face a crazy penalty.”
“I can understand that, but honestly speaking you messed my day up too.” Kevin declared.
“I’m sorry, what can I say?” The driver stated.
Kevin seemed to be in a position of strength through contrition until he decided he’d chastise the man whose nametag read ‘Womack’.
“Maybe you should take care of your personal business on your personal time.”
Womack’s eyes shrunk to slits as his walnut-colored steely hard chest, stretched the fabric of his uniform as he took a deep breath and as he exhaled, “What the fuck did you just say to me?”
Kevin’s words caught in his throat as he realized he’d gone a step too far. “Hey, listen, maybe I was a little out of line, but it is true.” He countered obnoxiously and swallowed hard as he realized the last statement was of no help.
“You like poppin shit huh. So, you think you hard huh punk. Boy, I will bitch slap you right here on front street. You know, sometimes when a bitchass steps out of place, I crush ‘em, so I suggest you get the fuck away from me before I toss you in the back of my truck and deliver you sissy ass to the hospital, after bust that ass open.” Womack barked.