[ Dedicated to all white males who have begun to succumb to the power of interracial (cuckold) porn. This is starting took a lot like victory for people of color everywhere that have suffered centuries of humiliation at the caprice of whites! ]

He’d never been a member of any racist organization. In fact, overt racism bothered him to a considerable degree. It always had. So, even though he wouldn’t have used the word ‘racist’ to describe himself, he knew he’d certainly benefited, in numerous ways, obvious, and not-so-obvious, by that despicable system!

So, his late night forays into on-line interracial porn had rapidly become his only form of sexual excitation, and it had become so with a truly astonishing rapidity!

He found himself constantly thinking about well-endowed black men having full and unfettered access to white females that he, previously, would have otherwise fantasized about for himself; and yet, each time he achieved orgasm after watching porn like that, he always had such tremendously powerful ejaculations that left him feeling not just physically spent, but emotionally spent as well!

His ex-wife, Sharon (they had divorced four years earlier), was currently dating a black guy. He knew this for a fact because he’d been told by a friend of his ex-wife! She had gloated as she related that to him. She’d never really liked him, so she was enjoying torturing him with the knowledge of Sharon’s exploits! Yet, if she had meant it to hurt him, it hadn’t achieved that objective. What it had accomplished was a strange, but powerful feeling of sexual excitation, and it had driven to the on-line interracial porn sites he was now so fond of visiting!

He didn’t wish to date. Even though he knew that he had lost Sharon, he clung to his former relationship as if it continued on. It didn’t, but there was something in him that enjoyed (if that’s the right word) the longing he still had for her, even though she was with someone else now; and this longing actually fueled his late night interracial porn viewing.

As he’d set there in front of his lap top watching porn, he’d have his cock in his hand stroking it up and down, up and down—until, eventually, the urge to ejaculate was so strong, so powerful, that he couldn’t hold back any longer; and then, in a glorious crescendo, that he never grew tired of, he would explode…sending a huge load of cum flying into the air in spurt after spurt after spurt of the most intense form of pleasurable agony he’d even experienced; and to which he had become truly addicted, and with interest whatsoever of ‘kicking’ the habit of it!

“Oh–GOD!!” He said aloud, as his body quivered, uncontrollably, with the exquisite pleasure of the long-delayed release; and as the orgasm began to fade, and his cock sag, he could see his sperm as it lay in haphazard globs and ropy squiggles all across the floor between his feet; and that warm feeling of satisfaction rose up within him that always followed such a session.