This is a story with some truth and some imagination. Life is full of surprises, it’s interesting how a man and a woman see themselves and how relationships change. As the saying goes women initiate and develop or end a relationship. Woman see man from a high standard, men take a long time to understand this. All characters are over 22 years old and sex between them consensual.

About a year ago, I and my husband were having some issues. We met a marriage counselor who suggested some time apart to think and evaluate ourselves. We watched her in surprise and she said “I sense a white elephant in the room who needs to disappear”. My husband Brian agreed to move to another city for six months and our separation period began. It felt strange for the first few weeks coming back and not seeing Brian. Alone in the house was more difficult than I had thought. Many times I would pick up phone to call Brian but would remember what counselor had said “Maintain minimum contact not more than one call a month”. So when after a month I and Brian talked, it was very refreshing. I felt like a young girl chatting with her lover. My husband was equally enthusiastic. My husband told me he was planning to join a gym and I thought it was a great idea.

Next week I also joined ‘She is fit’ gym. I was inspired by all those beautiful women working out at the gym and eagerly went to gym daily. Month later, I happily told my husband about gym and he was happy and proudly told me he was doing 100 pushups a day as we both laughed and talked about our daily lives.

I am 34 years old and work as a secretary in a down town office. We are only a few people in the office and guys are sort of semi retired. I am 5’6” tall and for my age I am in a decent shape. Since I and my husband had been living apart for over two months and I had started to make girlfriends with other secretaries working at our office complex. It didn’t take long before I was getting together for lunches with Sonia, Melissa and Kim. As it happens soon our friendship developed stronger. I told this to my husband in the next call and he laughed good girl and told me about his buddies and football nights. He told me he missed me and I smiled and said the same.

After 4 months of living alone I was feeling confident in myself and had regained my female self esteem. It felt so good to be with other secretaries just chatting. Soon we decided to meet for Friday evenings for drinks and on their insistence I went for shopping and bought new design skirts dresses, a bit reluctantly but my girlfriends convinced me to buy sexy underwear and latest design bras. I was giggling and laughing at home and with a glass of wine trying my shopping one by one. I thought the nude dress was a bit short and slim fit and I looked sexy, I’ll keep this for Brian 2 months more I giggled.