During this time of lockdown my wife Sarah and I have reflected on many of our swinging experiences including one occasion where we had a threesome with a TGirl. Sarah was quite shocked that I arranged it but she wasn’t aware that over the years, before I met her, I have had a couple of experiences with TGirls. I thought I’d take this opportunity to share my very first one.

I was in my early 30’s, living in London and actively bisexual. I used to visit a couple of gay saunas not far from where I lived and one guy I chatted to asked me if I frequented any gay bars. I didn’t at the time but he told me about one near where he lived, funnily enough called Ted’s in Earls Court.

I finally managed to find time to go but decided to go on a midweek night hoping that it wouldn’t be too busy. The entrance to Ted’s was at street level and consisted of a foyer behind a dark doorway with a curtained doorway which I guessed was a cloak room and a set of steps which led down to the very large dimly lit bar area.

After an hour I was regretting my decision as the place was practically dead and the couple of people I chatted to didn’t have any real appeal to me. The only good point was the the very nice blonde TGirl working behind the bar, called Laura. She was a bit older than me and was dressed in a tight fitting black dress and rather glammed up for working behind a bar.

I finished up my drink and the lovely Laura asked me if I wanted another but I told her I was going to call it a night. “Oh! That’s a shame.” she said as she leant on the bar top looking at me with big bright eyes. “ I’ll see you out as it is a security door and has a release buzzer.”


She asked one of the guys seated at the bar to keep an eye on things, came around the bar and walked to the foot of the staircase leading to the upstairs foyer in front of me. As she climbed the stairs she made the most of swaying her hips and walking slowly, showing off her long stockinged legs. It was quite a hot sight and I got the impression she was teasing me.

As we got to the door Laura paused and told me she hoped they would see me again as I was quite a dish. I went to give her a hug and a kiss on the cheek to thank her but she kissed me on the lips. Before I realised we were in a real kissing embrace and my hands were gripping her buttocks. I could feel my cock was already hard and it was pressing against Laura’s leg.

She clearly felt it too and broke off out kiss, grabbed my hand and pulled me in the direction of the doorway with a curtain across. We went through the curtain and it was indeed a cloakroom, Laura pulled the curtain closed behind us and we kiss again. I could feel her hands pulling at my trousers. Once undone she pulled them and my underpants down releasing my cock which was throbbing.