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It only took a few seconds before she figured out who was kissing and then they were making out like mad-our tongues in each others’ mouths, their hands roaming over each others’ body.

Rene straddled Mark’s lap and felt his dick-good, she couldn’t wait to get to it but they started kissing him again before kissing his ear and his neck, biting just a bit to see if he enjoyed it and I felt his cock twitch so she assumed he did. Mark took the bottom of the shirt and lifted it off over her head. He took her bra off but started kissing her chest and into her cleavage. ” Rene you have nice tits. I always look at them as much as I can without anyone else noticing. Even when your fiance or other guys are talking about them I try to act like I don’t care because I never wanted you to be pissed at me for looking.” He started sucking on her left nipple while lightly squeezing her right breast.

She said, “I want to suck your cock while you eat me.” Mark moved onto the bed with her with his face buried between her legs and his cock right at her mouth. She was sucking and stroking his cock and trying not to think about how good he was at eating pussy so she wouldn’t cum; and he was sucking her clit while fingering my pussy so she started to stroke his cock faster, hoping he would cum before her. “Mark, I’m gonna cum!” She licked from his balls almost to his asshole as a huge orgasm hit her and she also felt a huge string of his cum land on her tits and then two landed on her tits and stomach. Mark basically let her fuck his mouth and fingers through her orgasm and then he cleaned up her pussy while she gently stroked his cock, licked, and sucked his dick until he couldn’t handle it. Mark got off the bed and got the tissues from the side table and he took a couple out and started cleaning up his face and then his cock while she started cleaning up his cum from her tits and stomach and hen cleaned up her pussy. We threw away the tissues and snuggled up on the bed together, naked.

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