Mayla decided after we got back from hanging out with our friends on the boat that she wanted to go on another vacation ASAP. We didn’t have a lot of money so we spoke with the guys at work and they said there’s all types of stuff out there with those all inclusive packages or whatever! We were interested . Not very good with computers so our friend, Thata, helped up look.

I really didn’t bother too much with the planning cause it would stress me out too much so I told Thata it just has to be somewhere nice . My Irish white butt doesn’t need to be in the cold and lose the tan I got from being on the boat haha. I’d say within a week or so Thata found us an all inclusive trip to the Dominican Republic with was awesome. Lots of food and free drinks and then all the tours are included! We had plenty of time to save for it too .

Over the next month leading up to the get away trip with my wife, all Mayla could talk about was how excited she was to see a new culture and relax. She even said she might be able to understand them a little if they speak Spanish there. I started laughing because she was serious and didn’t know they speak Spanish in the Dominican . She poked me and told me not to make fun of her and goes “my Spanish isn’t all that great any way babe no one taught it to me “ . Lord knows what they speak in Haiti though now that I have no clue .

Getting there was stressful for me . Packing , flights , just everything . We got to our hotel which was decent . We couldn’t really afford the best, Even the crew that worked at the hotel looked like they might have been from Haiti which I thought they didn’t do . I thought they stayed in Haiti. The two very dark Haitian boys that greeted us were very polite though . They called me Sir and said hello introducing themselves as junior and his heavy set partner is Emmanuel . then they both gave Mayla a hug and grabbed her bags. Emmanuel kinda gave her a long hug I noticed but it didn’t make Mayla too nervous .

We got to the elevator and it was clear we weren’t all going to fit it was so small. The skinny Haitian boy spoke up and said for me to get on with the bags go up and take them off the elevator and send it back down . Him, Emmanuel and my wife would ride up when they could. Took me a little bit but I got them off the elevator. I’d say probably 5 minutes went by before I just started moving our bags myself. All three of them found the room probably 10 minutes later laughing and talking about our plans when we were here.