As noted before: all my stories are true.

Years ago, I was lying in bed at the end of the day, reading a book, while my wife took a shower.

I heard the water turn off, and a few minutes later she came into the bedroom wrapped in a towel. 23 years old at the time, perfect petite Asian girl, her long black hair still wet from the shower. She pulled the towel off to reveal her perfect, perky tits, tight round ass and gorgeous legs.

Of course I’m turned on, but she’s ignoring me and getting ready for bed. So I start to stroke myself through my boxers under the covers as I watch.

She turns and sees me and says “HEY! What are you doing?”

“… um… you know.” I laugh.

“That’s gross! No one wants to see someone touch themselves!” She didn’t really believe in masturbation. She was very prudish that way, thought it was something low-class.

“Don’t be silly, baby. Everyone does it.”

“It’s gross, no one wants to see that!” she repeated. But I hadn’t stopped.

She stood there for a moment, still naked, hands on hips, and stared at me. I stopped stroking. Then she walked over to the bed, climbed up at the foot, and knelt there.

“Is this sexy?” she asked, mocking me. She reached down and touched her pussy.

“I mean… yeah, kind of.” I told her honestly.

“What about this?” she laid back a bit and rubbed harder. Her voice got softer as she really tried to play up the fake masturbation scene for me. But I could tell it was already backfiring. She was getting turned on.

I sat up and moved forward to kiss her. “No…” she said. “You can’t touch, you just have to watch and see how dumb this is…” she worked her pussy with the left hand, her right moving up her chest to tweak her nipples.

I was shocked. As far as I know, she’s never touched herself like this. We’d talked about it, and she said she was just never interested. But now she insisted on doing it while I watch!

What could I do? I pulled my cock out and sat there, watching her, stroking myself.

I noticed that she was only playing with the outside of her vagina, though. So I told her “baby… put a finger inside…”

“No…” she protested, weakly, her eyes half closed. Then she did anyway. She gasped and rubbed harder, her middle finger now buried in her soaking pussy.

A minute later, it was two fingers. She developed a smooth motion, her fingers curled up inside her questing for her G-spot. She started to finger-bang herself like a pro.

“I… I can’t cum like this…” she whined, quietly. I didn’t know if she meant that she couldn’t reach orgasm just touching herself, or if it was too embarrassing to do it. But I knew that I *could* cum.

I slid forward on the bed. “Are you sure I can’t touch you?” I asked again.