Witness Of sambhavi – Part 3Witness Of sambhavi – Part 3 2Witness Of sambhavi – Part 3 3

So let us read what happened next between Nargis and Cyril.

… As he went to the bathroom for a while, I went to his room and laid on his bed. It felt very comfortable.

Soon he came back and as soon as he laid over me, we started kissing each other. His arms were soon around my body, hugging me tight against him and my hands were rubbing all over his back.

Later, he turned around, taking me on his body. He held each of my hands separately and placed my elbows on the bed.

I knew what he wanted. I placed my elbows on the bed and supported my body upwards. He then freely started eating my right boob, sucking and licking its nipple. I closed my eyes and started breathing heavily.

This time, I felt his broken teeth pressing against my boob and it was a little weird feeling.

Later, he turned me to my right-hand side, held me tight against him with his left hand and left leg and kept on eating my boob, as I was rubbing through his hair and kissed his forehead once.

Later, he turned me by one eighty degrees, pulled me closer with his right-hand side limbs and was eating my left boob, the same way.

Later, he turned me upwards getting above me and was playing with my boobs and nipples, kissing and sucking my cleavage. My cleavage was very narrow with my boobs almost touching each other. He said,

– you know what….Women with such narrow cleavage are capable of satisfying their men however the men want…And you are no exception –

Saying this, he started feeling my boobs against his cheeks. I was breathing heavy, smiling and closing my eyes, holding his head with both my hands.

– ah yeah…-

I was breathing heavy and moaning.

Later I started feeling his cock hardening against my thigh. He also seemed to feel it as he stopped with my boobs, lifted himself up a little, placed his cock against my pussy and slowly laid down, pushing himself against me. I was squeezing my mattress, with my eyes closed, face turned to my left side and mouth open, moaning.

– aa…Ah! –

That hurt a little. Well, it was supposed to, because his cock was fatter than that of marzook. But he git inside me gentler than marzook did.

As he went completely inside me and stopped, I looked at him. He was smiling at me. He said,

– well, how do you feel now? Good? –

I just nodded. He started fucking me, slowly. I was breathing heavily and his rhythm of fucking. Sometimes, I was closing my eyes tight and biting my lower lip. His hands were rubbing me from my head towards my boobs and m*****ing them. Sometimes, his fingers were playing with my lips or my tongue. Sometimes we were eagerly eating the mouths of each other. Sometimes, he was eating my neck or one of my boobs.