It was a beautiful day after all, so why not go for a walk in the woods I thought to myself, I used to walk the woods often when Ziggy was alive. I did think it odd though when I saw lone walkers without a dog, I always wondered what they could be doing. Today I brought my camera along with me, my artist friend told me I had pareidolia because I was always sending her photos from my phone with faces in the tree trunks or stones on the beach that I saw. The phone camera is okay but now I am getting a bit more serious, so I carry a digital SLR with me and a couple of reasonable lenses for long distance and up-close images I want to capture.

I stroll off and stick to the main paths but sometimes I take a less used path just to see what is around, today was an ‘off the beaten track’ type of day. The light was perfect and it was lovely and warm, I am taking a photo of a great looking face with my long lens that I can see in the grand old beach tree where a branch had broken in the recent winds when I notice something white near ground level. I zoom in a bit closer and see what looks like the back of a person sat there on one of the fallen tree trunks. That’s odd I thought to myself as this is the first person that I have seen on my walk today although, to be fair, I have rarely, if at all, seen anyone before on this path.

I thought nothing of it at first and continued taking photos of my faces, I subconsciously walked in the direction of this figure who seemed to be absorbed in their own little world. I realised it was a girl fairly early on by the pigtails in her hair, she must be doing a bunk off school I thought as it was a Tuesday afternoon. She had her head down reading so maybe she was doing some study of woodland plants or something like that, maybe we could swap if she had any face photos. I did not want to appear to be sneaking up on the girl, that would be behaving like a dirty old man, or a voyeur with my camera. I deliberately made noises of someone approaching so she would not be startled. I was relatively close, and the girl was still head down, flicking through a magazine, she must be bunking off school then I thought.

I must have only been a few feet away from her when she placed the magazine down on top of the tree trunk and swung her legs over and was now facing me, now, this was a very pretty girl, I hoped she was in 6th form or at least over 16 years old as I was excited by what I saw. She didn’t acknowledge me as such, she just picked up the magazine and continued reading. I saw the cover, ‘Daddy’s Girl’!! I stopped in my tracks, not knowing what to think or do next.