I met M while on a trip to Israel for work. A group of us had gone out to a local night club to soak up some drinks and enjoy the beautiful women that populate the country.
I had chatted up a couple of girls when we first there I was enthralled with their dark hair and eyes and was enjoying their company when a redheaded vision appeared next to us at the bar. She was older than the girls I had been talking to. She had on a tight black dress hugging her curves and drawing attention to her stockinged legs. I immediately noticed her wedding ring which brought out a little disappointment as I wanted to really get to know this woman. She caught my eye as I was about to turn back to the 20 somethings and gave a sly smile. Hmmm, maybe this will turn out ok I thought to myself. By the time I turned to give her my attention she was walking away her ass swaying as she walked to a table occupied by another woman with dirty blonde hair. Half listening to the girls next to me I saw the stunning redhead lean in to whisper to her friend which after they both turned to look at me and smile.
Not one to waste an opportunity to talk to beautiful women I politely introduced the girls to my two colleagues and made my over to this mysterious redhead’s table. I introduce myself and ask if I may join them. Accepting they introduce themselves as I pull up a chair. The redhead is ‘M’ her friend ‘H’. small talk starts…what do you do, where are you from, etc. I can feel a pull to M her dark eyes drinking me in as we talk about her work in education which is obvious she loves. Her friend H has just returned to Israel after her marriage fell apart. I relate the frustrations of my rapidly failing relationship which brings a slight glint to M’s eye. Seeing a need for more drinks I take their order and head to the bar. Returning M has moved closer to me and is biting her bottom lip. H is watching her with an amused look. I broach the subject of M’s wedding ring to which she sighs as lays out her own troubled relationship. Here‘s to group of jilted lovers then as I raise my glass. This brings a musical laugh form M and a shy smile that hits H’s eyes.
M asks H to join her in the restroom and asked me to wait for them. Smiling I reply how dumb would I have to be to leave the company of such beautiful women. Bigger smile from H this time as she and M make their way to the ladies. Peeking, I see that the girls from earlier are deep in conversation with my friends from work.
M and H return to the table smiling. M sits next to me and places her hand on mine. It is warm and soft sending electricity up my arm. H is sitting back watching her friend. M leans in and asks if I am staying close, which of course I am. She then proceeds to tell me what happened in the bathroom. M had called her husband saying would be staying at H’s for the night as she was in a funk. H was just standing as M was finishing up her story. Kissing M on the cheek she tells me to take care of her friend and have her back to her place by noon. Slightly bewildered at this rapid turn of events I agree. M and I finish our drinks all the while touching hands and lightly stroking arms and legs. I can feel my cock swelling and see M becoming flush as we move closer. Her full red lips part as she leans towards me closing the gap between us, I kiss her. Her warm wet tongue finds mine and swirls around it. As we sit kissing, I feel her left hand move up to cup my hardening shaft. Gasping I pull M closer her thigh pressed hard against mine. Breaking from our deep kiss she smiles and stands up. Adjusting myself I stand to follow her. She presses her firm ass back onto me I can feel the cleft holding my cock for the briefest of moments before taking my hand and leading me outside.
The warm night hits us as we exit the club. Still holding hands, I make our way to my hotel. A short ride to the third floor we are in my room. M and I sit on the bed and begin to explore each other. My mouth tasting hers with a hand in her long red hair pushing my lips hard against hers. She is running her hands down my back as I take my free hand along her stocking-clad legs. Laying back together I position M under me getting lost in her deep brown eyes. M’s hands grab my ass pressing my hard shaft against her. Slowly we begin dry humping like to teenagers. M’s dress begins riding up her thighs, stocking-tops peeking out. M removes my shirt running her fingers through my chest hair while I begin unzipping her. Her hands continue down to my waist unbuckling my belt and freeing my swollen member. Reaching into my boxers she pulls my cock and balls out, her hands working both. Pushing me up she leans to my moist tip and tastes me. Her mouth is hot and wet covering my cock with her saliva. Pulling my cock deeper into her mouth her tongue laps at my sac as I moan in pleasure. Pulling her dress down to her waist am treated to the view of her c-cups clad in black sheer lace teasing me with a blurred view of her hard nipples and dark areolas. Massaging her breasts through the thin covering I feel her nips grow harder. A muffled moan escapes her cock filled mouth. Removing her bra, I let her tits free and with a wet finger, I pinch and circle her nipples. M starts to pull my pants down while stroking my shaft. Helping her I kick them off and pull my boxers down as well. Standing I pull M up to me and kiss her deep and hard. Pulling her dress down reveals a garter and matching bikini cut panties. Her thick thighs and firm ass filling out the lingerie perfectly. Thinking how could such a sexy woman be so neglected I kiss my way down her body stopping at each nipple gently biting each in turn hands gliding down her back cupping her ass as I kneel to gain access to her panty covered cunt. Through the filmy material, I can see a manicured triangle of pubic hair and bald lips. Her clit just poking out of its hooded home. With a wet tongue, I lick her little bud and am rewarded by a slight gasp and her hands in my hair pushing my lips hard to her wet gusseted pussy. pulling them aside I open her sweet smooth lips with one hand and let my mouth explore her salty-sweet nectar. M’s breathing begins coming in short gasps as my fingers and tongue fuck her tight little pussy. bucking her hips M beings moaning telling me to make her cum. Driving my wet fingers deeper into her I suck and lick at her bundle of nerve endings causing her to pull my hair harder and press my face further into her soaking pussy. with a loud moan and stifled gasp M floods my mouth with her orgasm, her legs shaking as I slow my fingers and begin to lick around her shaved lips. With a satisfied moan M pulls me up to her my lips wet from her orgasm she kisses me while slowly stroking my cock rubbing my tip along her soaked panties. Holding my shaft in her hand she leads me back on the bed peeling off her black panties she climbs on top of me and eases my cock-head just inside her cunt and continues to run it between her wet lips. The sensation is wonderful my tip coated in her wetness mixing with my precum. With no hesitation, her velvet pocket surrounds my shaft gripping me tightly. M begins to rock her hips as I thrust in time penetrating deeper with each stroke. Holding her hips I lift up and speed my hips plowing into her faster. M starts to pant in time with my thrusting. I can feel her pussy gripping my shaft. Slowing down M lays on my chest her breasts feeling full and firm she kisses me again as I pump s l o w l y- i n- o u t. one hand wrapped in her hair another holding her fit ass as she meets my slow stroke. While biting my ear she tells me she wants to feel me cum in her. She begins to ride me harder I want to cum I want to flood her, but I want her to cum with me. Rolling her over I throw silk encased legs over my shoulders and begin to toy with her clit as I continue fucking her. M’s eyes lock on to mine as she bites her lip and squeezes her nipples her breasts moving along with our fast fucking. I can feel my orgasm build, her little cunt tight around me, sweat gleaming on her chest I cum with a moan filling her pussy with my seed. As I am cumming her legs tighten around my neck she takes hold of my hand and has me squeeze her love bud as she cums. I start to withdraw but M holds me in place telling me to let my cock slide out as I go limp. Still inside her, we lay facing each other hands rubbing each other’s bodies. My now softening shaft is slowly coming out covered in our cum. M reaches between her legs and eases a finger inside coating she then places it to her lips and sucks it clean. Seeing her tasting us I kiss her to share our sex.
Laying naked on the bed M rolls over and wiggles her ass into me pulls my arm around her and with a sigh thanks me. Grinning like an imp I pull her closer and tell her the same as we both drift off.
At some point M had woken up and removed her stockings and garter I realized as I moved my hands down her legs the next morning. The feeling of her warm smooth skin had me stirring. Checking the clock, it was almost 9 am. We were going to have to get up and ready soon to be on time to H’s apartment. Figuring it would be best to let M sleep a bit more I unwound myself from her and went to the shower.
Hot water running down my body I flashback to the memory of M cumming on my dick. Bringing life to my shaft. Soaping my body I start to stroke my semihard cock. Not quite fully erect I hear M’s voice telling me not to waste a nice hard-on alone. Stepping into the shower with me she presses her smooth body against me. Holding my hand on my cock she strokes it with me swelling me ridged. Reversing positions, I am standing behind her. My hands running down her slick chest to her stomach. My cock pressed between her ass cheeks I slowly glide it up and down as she leans her head back to my chest and wraps her arms around my neck arching her back which accentuates her beautiful frame. Running a hand between her thighs I feel her soft mound of hair pointing me towards her smooth labia. I begin to run my fingers over her pussy lathering her with soap and her own natural wetness. My cock slips from between her sexy ass and is now between her thighs and slit. M takes her hand and uses my member like her own toy gliding it between her legs. Covered in soap my shaft easily moves back and forth, the head of my cock brushing her cunt open. Wanting to feel her tight pussy around me again I hold one of her legs and enter her from behind. Moaning at the feeling of my cock wrapped in her sex I begin to pump slow and deep into her. M is holding her hands to the shower wall as I continue plowing into her. Letting her leg go and wanting to hold my own quickly approaching orgasm I pull out opening her legs further I take a ravenous bite of her ass cheek making her jump and laugh. Her laugh is quickly replaced by a low moan as my tongue finds her pussy and continues up to her tight rosebud. I continue licking her as the feeling of my own orgasm subsides. Standing back up I enter her again her ass slapping against me as she meets my stroke. Speeding up I lose myself as moan that I am cumming. M turns and gets to knees locking her full lips around my twitching cock sucking every drop of cum me. With a satisfied smile, she swallows and kisses me. The taste of my cum still on her tongue. Having not cum herself she tells me to sit on the shower bench and enjoy the show. M takes a large dollop of shower gel and begins to run it over her body. Massaging her breasts, pulling her nipples to hardness even in the hot shower. Turning she beings to run her hands over that ass letting the bubbles run down her legs. she beings to finger herself opening her legs to give me a better view of her sweet cunt. Rubbing her clit as two fingers pound into her she sits on the shower floor spreading her legs wide. I begin to recover, and my shaft is filling quickly. Seeing the effect she is having she moves between my legs sucking me to full length. All the while fucking her cunt with her fingers. Pulling her up I set her on my lap my cock filling her again. M begins to ride me using my shoulders for leverage and rocking her hips she is in her own world and I am loving it. M reaches between us and starts to rub her clit I can feel her getting tighter opening her eyes the look she gives is enough to know she is close. With one final drive she chokes out a scream as she cums. Her body is shaking on top of me as another wave hits. Pulling her close to me I kiss her and continue fucking her. Biting my lip I can see a sly glint in her eye. Raising herself from me she is back to sucking my shaft. Her mouth and hands working me together. God, it feels incredible! As I about to cum she stops sucking me and strokes my cock wanting my cum on her bare breasts. I erupt, my load hitting right at the cleft of her cleavage. M rubs it into her breasts as we finish our shower. Taking our time drying off and sorting out her dress from last night it is 1100. Really time to get her to H’s. calling the front desk, I ask for a cab and we make our way to the lobby.