Rick dried himself  down after his shower and wrapped the towel round him. Already his thoughts were turning to his girlfriend Sue who was doing her early morning yoga in the bedroom. They had missed their hot friday session last night as she had to work late and was so tired when she arrived. Returning to the bedroom Sue was sitting on her haunches on the bed only wearing  the tank top she had worn last night .He could see the tops of her thighs and the little wisp of hair that topped off her pubic bone and immediately began to get horny.

“Maybe a little different exercise hun ” he suggested .”Mmm what have u in mind ” she smiled mischievously ,She looked glorious with her long blonde hair falling down across her plentiful bosom.

Rick reached out and gently ran his fingers over her encased breasts , squeezing slowly and feeling the soft flesh give under his touch. He moved his hand from one to the other circling her nipples which he could see harden under his touch. Slowly he inched the top down revealing her cleavage ..at 36 d it was such a turn on for him. Sue seemed quite happy to let him play away and she slowly pushed her breast forward onto his grasp. He pushed away her hair slowly and continued to play with her breasts teasing one, then the other. He pulled at the top which still clung stubbornly to her breasts. He dragged it over her right nipple which was huge now and then the left one leaving the top just supporting the underside of her breasts ,Pulling it down further at last her breasts swung free 

.God he wanted her so much. Sue leaned forward and with his help tugged away the towel and fondled his cock which was already sticky with pre cum and then very consciously put her fingers to her mouth and slowly licked them which turned him on even more. He continued to play with her nipples knowing she loved breast play and then weighed each breast slowly in his hands as if carefully assessing a valuable fruit.

Finally he turned his attention and gently pushed her right leg apart and sensing his approach she moved her left leg  and he lowered his hand touching between her legs tracing his finger over the outline of her pussy. At first it seemed dry but as he worked his finger along the entrance he could feel the wetness and warmth and she rose slightly on his touch letting out a low moan .

He continued to play with her and now she pushed herself onto him forcing his fingers to enter  her, she was soaking. He pushed her gently onto her back , her legs still parted and legs crooked and starting massaging her pussy watching as her pussy lips became engorged and large . Sue held up her legs allowing him full access and he responded by working around her erect cllt. He pressed his thumb deep inside finding her g spot and he felt Sue judder as her first orgasm arrived. Now he started to rub his cock along her clit and teasing her half entered and pulling back slightly. “No no that’s too much ==i want u now “she pleaded.