Hi guys, here is a story of a Boy, who had a great time in his holidays.

Mom: “Darling, will you be going out today”
Son: “Hmm, Mom I planned to go out with my friends for lunch but it got cancelled”
Mom: “ohh, Okay never mind, I’ll manage”
Son: “Yeah Mom if you want something I can do it”
Mom: “Ohh baby, I just wanted you to give a visit for you Aunt Chithra’s house, she called me and said that she has a dress stitched for me,”
Son: “hmm, yeah okay I’ll go, I’m free for anything”
Mom: “I can bring that when I return from, but today I have some work in the office, I guess your not angry with me”
Son: “yeah okay”
Mom: “okay baby I’m getting late now I’m gonna get freshen, so lock the house and stay until I come back”
Son: “okay mom” she said and led her way to her room.
Ok now I’ll introduce them. Son’s name is Akash, Many usually call him AK. Akash is a 17 years old boy who is in Class 10. His mom’s name is Jayanthi, she is usually called as jaya. She works in a bank which is 2 KM away from her house. She is a sexy lady who has a perfect body shape with an attractive way of dr****g sarees. She usually wears saree below the navel for at least 5-6 inches. This makes her look even more beautiful. She wears Sarees for Office and House and wears nighty at night. They both live in an apartment while her husband Gopikrishnan lives in Dubai. He visits them once a year at November for Deepavali. This time for Deepavali he couldn’t come because of his promotion. Because of Akash lives with his mom, he has got all the passion he wants like a small Baby. Even Jayanti shows him all the love she has got. Jayanti’s sexual life has stopped from many years, she had not even worried about that. She’s been showing all the love toward Akash like for her husband (not sex, care).
After few minutes Jaya entered the living room. Akash was watching TV while sitting on the couch. Today she was wearing shalwar instead of a saree.
You are the best ......
Akash: “Mom, you look really beautiful in saree’s rather than Shalwars” Akash said in a sad manner.
Jaya: “ohh, darling I am already late for work, it would take me 5-10 minutes to d**** saree. This is more easy for me”
Akash: “hmm, but….”
Jaya: “Honey don’t worry, only for today” she said by raising her eyebrows and smiling
Akash: “yeah that’s what I wanted”
Jaya” “hmm, okay honey I’ll leave now, but don’t forget to visit Chitra aunty”
Akash: “okay mom don’t worry I’ll go”
Jaya came near him and gave him a kiss in his foreheads and went. Jaya didn’t have a bad intention because of no sexual life from long time, so she always cares Akash like a infant, Hugging him kissing him on foreheads and cheeks etc…… She wanted him to feeling fine always because his father is not with him. And one thing about Akash, he has some bad intensions when he was in collage, he had bad intensions on his professors, because of their revealing of their navel by saree.