I came home early from college that semester, I knew mom and dad were out of town, my 18 year old brother and 19 year old sister staying home alone for a week. They weren’t expecting me until a few days later.

I went upstairs and heard noise in my sister’s room, so I thought I’d go in and say hello. I didn’t knock because she was still just a k** sister to me. She wasn’t there, however, it was my younger brother. The shocking part though was he sat on the end of our sister’s bed with a pair of her used panties in his mouth, and he was wearing another pair of her panties pulled down around his balls.

I looked at his groin and almost laughed as I saw the smallest, most pathetic little cock I’d ever seen! It was almost a clit except it sat over a tight ball sack that was being pushed up by the elastic of our sister’s panties. I laughed and scared him, so that he jumped up and covered his little dick, but he stood there with sister’s panties in his mouth.

“What are you doing,” I said, still laughing.

He started crying because he’d been caught jerking off wearing sister’s panties.

“Aw don’t cry bro! We’ve all been caught jerking off at some point.”

Of course I didn’t tell him that I got caught on purpose, and it was our sister who I set up to catch me. My mind went back to that time. I got her to stroke my dick a few times and I came in her mouth, and got her to rub her tiny pussy and let me taste it. But nothing ever happened after those few times, I wasn’t man enough back then to know how to handle the situation.

“Listen bro, what’s with that small cock? Mine’s 8 inches!”

Oddly, thinking back to the times I would sniff Sis’ little cotton panties, my cock started getting hard in my shorts. I had an idea to get myself off, it had been over a week since I’d fucked some hot college girl.

“Want to compare?” I suggested.

Without waiting for an answer, I dropped my shorts and my cock bounced up, swelling even harder thinking of what taboo I was about to make my sissy brother do to me. I walked over to him and stood with my cock in his face.

“Let me see yours,” I commanded. “Stand up and show me.”

He stood up, still flushed with embarrassment. His little dick was starting to grow firmer, he had been fantasizing about sucking my cock ever since he started maturing. Now here it was, my hard cock, dripping salty precum, in his face.

“Does it get any bigger?” I asked.

‘Yes,” he finally spoke, “but only when I play with myself. The girls at school just laugh at it so I don’t try with them anymore.”

“Do it then”, the lust in my voice as I gently started stroking my own cock, “Play with yourself so I can see your hard little cock.”