Yu kno I'm just a Head HunterI dated this lady briefly that I met at church some years ago. But I wasn’t really feeling her at first. So I told her we could be friends. So after church we would still have lunch together like we did when we dated. Well being around her for a few months, it just hit me one day, ‘dam this lady is a good woman. She fine, about her business, she not stuck on herself and a real catch.’ so I told her I had change my mind I wanted us to be together again. Well she wasn’t having it. I mean for a while I cut in to her but still no dice. One night we was talking, I told to just let come over and give her head, I wouldn’t try to do nothing else and id leave. No dice. But she listen as explain in detail what I would do. over the next few weeks that became our thing, if she call at night well, the conversation would lead to me telling how I would eat her out only if she’d let me come over, no string attached, no extra moves nothing. Needless, to say, I realized she was getting off on this and one day, she called me up on it. So I did. Went over and she was on the couch in the living room under a blanket. Once inside, there was no small talk, she threw back the blanket with the expectation of me handling the business. And like I said, I did. She just like her clit to be flicked with your tongue, no licking on nothing else just make her nutt. Ok cool. Twenty minutes late, POW! But immediately afterwards she cut off my small talk with ‘I thought you said you would just leave?’ shit… ok see ya later.

Maybe a week or so later, she called again. Then she called again. well after a while, when the phone rung and I saw that I was her, at if it was late at night, I’d start getting dressed and heading out the door. So when she got to, ‘come lick this pussy’ I was on the interstate rolling.

Keep in mind. I’m thinking, she going to get sprung on this shit and I will have her ass. I’m going to dog her, freak her and some mo shit. The weeks turn to months and I been getting off sometimes a couple of times a week and spent the night on several weeks. Still no pussy. Granted I would only get at her about it every once in a while cause when I did, she would get into, “see there, I knew you was lying,” “you said this,” “you said that.” “You kno I’m just head hunter.” and I would have to backtrack and, “I love getting you off” shit don’t have to do nothing else. But every night I’m going home beating this dick.

One day I was beating this dick and it hit me. She just dogging me, she has to plans of ever giving me some pussy. And the crazy thing happened. Shit I kind of like it. I nutted good thinking about her doing me like that. more and I beat off on that thought then I be fuk that, she has a phat ass, I mean a big booty and I love big booty girls but she was so uptight when we was dating I thought she can’t be into anal well she was, on many, many occasions she’d told me, mostly when I was sucking her off. She would say shit, ‘I want to fuk me in my ass.’ ‘One day I might let you fuk me in my ass.’ I know you want to fuk me in my ass, oh that would feel so good.’ but only when I’m licking her pussy she says this shit. When I bring it up later, she like you don’t even like me. You didn’t want to fuk me when first met. I ant never had a man that didn’t want to fuk me.