Zandra Rides - A week at home with Cindy… (Part 1)

We’d only met through a common friend just a week before and Cindy and I were getting on like a house on fire. Since the Orgy at the beach house we’d be itching to spend some time together and today she had spent the day with me by the pool. Troy, Cin’s long term lover was at a film shot which meant he would be out of town for the rest of the week. After a short discussion it was decided she would stay at mine until ‘ Tory – The Destroyer ‘ returned. Cin after speaking with her well paid and well respect porn stud partner had, as she laid by pool relaxing, said he wanted us to enjoy each others company for a few days as he had a big surprise planned for when he returned. Both excited as to what it entailed it was agreed we would spend the time at the apartment and meet him at the airport upon his return.

The afternoon and evening had passed quickly, a few lines and glasses of wine soon had left us feeling hot and aroused. Moving into the lounge to relax we had watched some films of the last time the twins from next door had come round visit. Dave and Grant were of similar build, both around 6ft and regular attendees to the gym. The twins well toned bodies had been put to good use by me, their needy hostess. As the footage rolled on the widescreen television Cindy took off her tight black mini skirt, revealing her black stockings and lingerie. Pulling her lacy thong to one side she fingered herself as we both watched the reasonably endowed men have their wicked way. She had cum quite loudly while she watched the pair shoot their sticky cum all over my face and pert breasts while I pounded myself with a very large black dildo. Having paused the film in several places, I enjoyed showing the best bits in slow motion as they shot hot spunk over me which dribbled everywhere. By time the film had finished Cindy wore nothing but her stockings and black high heels and had both her hands working feverishly at her eager pussy. Shortly afterwards we had stumbled giggling to bed and were soon sprawled across the duvet and finishing off the last of our wine.

” Let me watch you touch yourself before we go to sleep… ” Cindy asked teasingly after taking off her black heels and stockings. She laid at the bottom of the bed, with one knee raised and the other leg hanging off of the edge as she absent-mindedly toyed with herself. ” I can’t stop thinking about your neighbours, they look like they could be quite a lot of fun. ”

Laughing out loud I replied, ” I thought you’d like the film, we’ll have to make one of our own don’t you think? They certainly know how to make a mess and show a girl a good time…” Having taken off the black lycra mini dress that I had worn earlier, I sat in front of the gorgeous brunette as she played. Spreading my legs so as to show my smooth shaven pussy, I licked my fingers and tongued them slowly to tease her. Letting a small amount of spittle trace from my mouth to my hand, I slowly and provocatively ran my fingers across my pert breasts and belly button towards my tingling snatch. Meeting Cindy eyes with a naughty glint, I then slowly moved my fingers down my across my labia pushing my lips firmly but slowly apart. Teasing hot juices across the eager digits and letting her see my tight and needy gash I leaned back against the pillows and arched my back, spreading my legs wider apart.